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Rodeo cowgirl follows in her father's footsteps

By Camille Doty
July 9, 2011 at 2:09 a.m.

Zane Starns, 4, is lead into the ring by his sister Katie Boyd, 15 during the Jackson County Youth Rodeo Association program Saturday morning.

All Around Leaders Listing: This is a cumulative list of the overall placements before Saturday's competition. The updated standings will not be available until later this week.

Junior all around (speed)1. Bridgette Ivicic, Yoakum

2. Kristin Dierlam, Telferner

3. Madeleine Jones, Victoria

Lead line all around (speed)1. Wynn Sciba, Victoria

2. Lydia Sciba, Victoria

Peewee all around (speed)1. Cameron Cowan, Shiner

2. Maile Sciba, Victoria

3. Trace Harris, Poth

Senior all around (speed)1. Haley Benton, Rock Island

2. Tamara Mathis, Edna

3. Kayla Shafer, Victoria

Sub-junior all around (speed)1. Davette Stegman, Needville

2. Kasidy Sheeran, Victoria

3. Avery Sulak, Ganado

Girls junior all around (roping)1. Kristin Dierlam, Telferner

Boys junior all around (roping)1. Malik Gatson, Danevang

2. De'Ondra Robinson, Edna

3. Wyatt Iles, Rockport

Girls senior all around (roping)

1. Tamara Mathis, Edna

Boys senior all around (roping)1. Joel Leal, Louise

2. Chance Crook, Robstown

Girls sub-junior all around (roping)

1. Arliss Iles, Rockport

Boys sub-junior all around (roping)

1. Trey Stegint, Plantersville

2. Lane Marbach, Victoria

3. Jay Terrell, Magnolia

JCYRA results for Saturday's rodeoPeewee goat slapping

1. Cameron Cowan

2. Clay Martin

3. Trace Harris

Peewee figure 8/straights 1. Maile Sciba

2. Clay Martin

3. Cameron Cowan

Peewee clover1. Cameron Cowan

2. Maile Sciba

3. Clay Martin

Peewee poles 1. Maile Sciba

2. Cameron Cowan

3. Trace Harris

Junior cloverleaf1. Bridgette Ivicic

2. Madeleine Jones

3. Glynna Nickele

Junior figure 8/straights1. Bridgette Ivicic

2. Molly Mooreman

3. Terra Cook

Junior poles1. Bridgette Ivicic

2. Madeleine Jones

3. Terra Cook

Junior goat tying1. Darcie Dierlam

2. Molly Mooreman

3. Terra Cook

Boys sub junior breakaway

1. Connor Benton

2. Trey Stegint

3. Logan Shelton

Boys junior breakaway1. Malik Gatson

2. Jay Terrell

3. Wyatt Iles

Boys senior breakaway1. Joel Leal

2. Chance Crook

Boys junior tiedown1. Jay Terrell

2. Jonathan Mathis

3. Malik Gatson

Team roping 1. Chance Crook and Jay Terrell

2. Joel Leal and Tristan Reyes

3. Trey Stegint and Arliss Iles

Sub junior clover1. McKayla Marthiljohni

2. Avery Sulak

3. Melissa Garcia

JCYRA results continued:Sub junior figure 8/straights 1. Mckayla Marthiljohni

2. Davette Stegman

3. Melissa Garcia

Sub junior poles 1. Mckayla Marthiljohni

2. Davette Stegman

3. Avery Sulak

Sub junior goat tying1. Kasidy Sheeran

2. Avery Sulak

3. Davette Stegman

Senior cloverleaf

1. Cheyenne Borchert

2. Katelyn Gutierrez

3. Taylor Cook

Senior figure 8/straights1. Haley Benton

2. Tamara Mathis

3. Taylor Cook

Senior poles 1. Haley Benton

2. Tamara Mathis

3. Taylor Cook

Senior goat tying1. Katelyn Gutierrez

2. Tamara Mathis

Girls senior breakaway1. Haley Benton

2. Katelyn Gutierrez

3. Tamara Mathis

Boys sub junior ribbons 1. Logan Shelton

2. Connor Benton

3. Arliss Iles

Boys junior ribbons1. Jay Terrell

2. Wyatt Iles

3. De'Ondra Robinson

Boys senior tiedown 1. Joel Leal

EDNA - Laney Curlee enjoys being with her friends during the summer.

But on Saturday, instead of playing hopscotch with them, she competed against them in the youth rode sponsored by the Jackson County Youth Rodeo Association.

"I like riding and spending time with my friends," she said.

Eight-year-old Laney has spent about a year with her horse, Spitfire. This quarter horse has spent years competing, but the biggest competition was fighting cancer.

The 19-year-old horse lost an eye in the process, but he can keep up with the best of them.

"He hasn't missed a step," said Laney's father, Brandon Curlee.

Before the competition, Laney gently petted his nose and put on his splint boots for added support.

Her father said taking care of Spitfire has taught her responsibility.

Close to 100 young cowgirls, like Laney, and cowboys came to the Brackenridge Event Center to show off their skills to family and friends. Participants had a chance to compete in tiedown, breakaway, ribbons, clover leaf, figure 8 and goat slapping games.

"The kids are happy to win, but when their friends win they are happy for them too," said Casey Muegge, association president.

The rodeos have taken place since the 1970s, but ended for a period of time. Contests started back again within the last decade. Many youth rodeo board members like Curlee, competed as children and wanted the same opportunity for the next generation.

"It's up to us to step up and take over," he said.

Children in the competition are between 2 to 18 years old. Some of the toddlers participate in the lead line competition had proud parents right by their side. Once they are old enough, they can compete unassisted in the Peewee League.

This competition series began in March. Saturday's competition was the fifth of the sixth-round series. The last one will be in August. Scores are tallied after each round. And the overall winners will be awarded prizes at a banquet. To be eligible, the contestants need to participate in five of the series.

Laney may be in the Peewee League, but she has a big competitive heart. Her father said he's delighted his oldest daughter is following in his footsteps.

"It makes me proud to see her progress each time," said 34-year-old Curlee.

Laney's favorite competition is the poles. If she wins the competition, she said she's going to put her cash prize in the bank. Regardless of the outcome, she said, she will be happy.

"Either way it will be a good day," she said.



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