Bennett scrambles back for high in Rolling Thunder series

July 13, 2011 at 2:13 a.m.

by Abel GarciaLike a golfer scrambling from the rough to make par, Tony Bennett had to scramble to regain his rhythm after a terrible middle game.

He made the necessary adjustments and rebounded with another powerful game of 254. His final score was a 680, a high for the week.

Bennett started Rolling Thunder League play with a great 258 game but then he dropped with a middle game of 168.

Steve Dickinson rolled the second highest score with a 248 game and 669 set.

Gary Hatter Jr. rolled a great 277 individual game in Rolling Thunder action.

Other scores of note for the men are Tom Crowe's 655, Jon Parrott's 648, James Holbert's 255 and Kim Blake's 253.

Cynthia Iracheta continues to play well with another good outing at the Rolling Thunder competition. Iracheta rolled high games of 232 and 202 to finish with a 623 total.

Lori Heil posted the second high score with a 574.

The Texas State Women's Tournament has released its final prize list and Victoria is well represented.

In the singles event Div. 1, Sharon Guinn placed with a score of 715. In Div. 3, Janice Bailey placed with a score of 666. In Div. 4, Debbie Kohl 708, Linda Vuillemin 680 and Julie Edwards 675 will also receive a check. Carolyn Ray placed on the Div. 5 money list with a score of 687.

In Div. 5 doubles, Elva Peterson and Erica Morris placed 24th with a score of 1,329. Finally, in Div. 5 all events, Terri Warwas placed in the money with a score of 2,086.

Congratulations to Chris Guerra for bowling a career high 297 game over the weekend at the Victoria Latin Bowlers Tournament.

Chris said that her knees were shaking so much before the 12th ball that she didn't know if she would be able to roll the ball down the lane.

It's an awesome feat to start with 11 strikes, but next time, Chris, tell yourself you deserve that perfect game.

WOODLAWN TRIO SUMMER 1ST ALLEY CATSMen: J. Holbert 255-627; J. Vasques 582; ROLLING THUNDER 1ST THREE RIGHTS AND A WRONGWomen: C. Iracheta 232-623; L. Heil 210-574; N. Schmidt 206-555; R. Davis 508; Men: T. Bennett 258-680; S. Dickinson 248-669; T. Crowe 238-655; J. Parrott 237-648; H. Hernandez Jr. 225-643; A. Padilla 242-641; G. Hatter Jr. 277-637; S. Zeplin 226-633; R. Brotze 244-629; M. Stacy 629; M. Conchola 628; R. Martinez 621; K. Blake 253-620; B. Jackson 226-618; R. Verduzco 612; A. Verduzco 612; D. Erdelt 228-592; K. Schupbach 588; T. Wash 236-587; M. Osterson 584; E. Gonzales 578; E. Davis 233-578; E. Stevens Sr. 573; J. Bryant 573; J. Hernandez Sr. 572; D. Dye 569; J. Wittenburg 566; J. Jimenez 565; R. Morris 563; C. Davis 562; D. Harborth 562; J. Finley 560; D. Brigham 557; C. Kurtz 555; J. Blount 552; FUNTAPPERS (NO TAP) 1ST BOHICAWomen: N. Schmidt 265-739; C. Speer 265-699; B. Long 262-693; T. Pucciarello 250-680; Men: T.J. Mooney 287-809; M. Conchola 300-806; R. Kalmus 277-800; B. Luerssen 300-779; J. Weber 300-762; K. Weinheimer 722; T. Fagg 300;

SUMMER YOUTH 1ST TEAM #2 Girls: R. Wortham 196-477; A. Moore 157-386; Boys: J. Wharton 135-326;



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