Advocate editorial board opnion: Response to intersection danger was admirable

By the Advocate Editorial Board
July 13, 2011 at 2:13 a.m.

The Victoria County Commissioners Court and businesses worked together to resolve a traffic problem for residents. We think this response to residents is commendable.

Specifically, the intersection at Smith and River roads was of great concern because dry conditions and large trucks caused the gravel roads to create a cloud of dust when being traversed, limiting visibility for other vehicles.

We commend Precinct 2 Commissioner Kevin Janak and the Victoria County Commissioners Court for approving stop signs to be installed at the intersection. And we commend State Materials, a new gravel mining company in that area, for providing water to keep the dust down on the road to a minimum, as well as the trucking company, CW&A Inc., for working with State Materials to solve the concerns.

Janak said Marek Trucking also has been a good neighbor in the precinct.

Janak praised the residents and the businesses in Precinct 2.

"Three companies have been very, very neighborly. They have addressed the problems immediately. I have been out there, and they are watering the road constantly," Yanak said.

"Everybody is willing to cooperate."

We see this as a concerted effort to solve a problem that happens to be easily solvable - easy, as long as everybody works together. This is a classic case of working together to satisfy all concerned.

We praise the county, the businesses and residents for making the area around Smith and River roads safer.

This editorial reflects the views of the Victoria Advocate's editorial board.



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