Citizens have right to question military

July 20, 2011 at 2:20 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I am not surprised that a retired Navy officer is complaining and "offended" that a lawful group, the Goliad Airpark Coalition, in addition to thousands of Goliad citizens, has the right, under our system, to question the military, and would actually have the audacity to describe anyone against the Naval expropriation of county property "al-Qaida," or in some way impugn their patriotism.

Mr. Herron, you are a product of the military officer corps, wherein a sense of superiority is installed at the conception of service. You have become a robot, parroting the official mantra of "national security" as a cover to basically continue the billions in military waste perpetuated by the military and supported by corrupt politicians. You quoted the Navy adheres to "rules." Why then, are they currently flying at 300 feet or less over my home some 20 miles from Berclair? Your defense of the Navy is hollow and transparent. The Navy operates from its own rules. Your comments that the Navy will bring economic benefits shows your complete ignorance of the facts, clouded by your uncompromising and misguided allegiance to your former employer. The facts are that the Navy itself has admitted that Goliad will receive little economic benefit from re-establishing the runway at Berclair.

I am not a member of the Goliad Park Coalition, but am a patriotic and honorably discharged member of the armed forces. If a citizen or group should question the military, they have the right to do so. This pillar of our Constitution is enumerated in the Bill of Rights which limits the power of the Federal Government. I doubt that as part of your military indoctrination you were exposed to the Bill of Rights, or the First Amendment, wherein the freedom of speech shall not be impugned or denied. Never call anyone again an insulting name when it comes to their right to question the government. You sir, should refrain from attacking citizens as un-American, or exercising their rights under the Constitution, and issue an immediate apology for your recent remarks.

Gregory C. Chapman, Goliad



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