Thomas earns high series honors

July 21, 2011 at 2:21 a.m.


Victor Thomas crashed the pocket to post the high series for the week in Rolling Thunder League play.

Thomas usually listens to music as he bowls, but last Thursday it was the sweet sound of the pins crashing for strikes that had his attention.

He bowled games of 228, 256, and a final game of 243 to total 727 for the night, and the only 700 set of the week.

Ramsey Martinez is another young bowler who rolls a good ball and he proved it last week by posting the second high series in Rolling Thunder action with a very nice 257 high game and 696 total. He also bowled an excellent 279 high game and a 648 set in another league.

Other scores of note for the men were Kim Blake (253-689), James Holbert (258-687), T.J. Mooney (248-687), Gary Hatter Jr. (252-681), Steve Dickinson (656), Adrian Verduzco (246-655), Randy Morris (258-648), and Hershel Cox (267).

Lori Heil rolled two games over 200 to score the women's high series. Her high games were 216 and 211, which contributed towards a 598 total in Rolling Thunder action.

Cynthia Iracheta was a close second with a 222 high game and 594 set.

Other nice scores for the women were Joanna Sanders with a 572 and Rebekah Bellanger with a nice 226 high game.

Jason Belmonte has won this years ESPY bowling award. Only PBA members can be nominated, and he was selected by a sports fan voting contest on In winning the award, Belmonte achieved several firsts. He was the first bowler born outside the U.S.A to win, he was the first two-handed bowler, and he was the first bowler under the age of 30 to win. Belmonte had previously been selected as the 2008-09 PBA rookie of the year

The bowling nominees were picked by ESPN staff that included Mika Koivuniemi, this years PBA player of the year, Bill O'Neill, and Chris Barnes.

WOODLAWN TRIO SUMMER 1ST ALLEY CATS Men: J. Holbert 258-687; John Rodriguez 578; R. Pfeil 571; SUMMER SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST FAMILY TIES Women: R. Bellanger 226-541; L. King 528; A. Nevarez 527; Men: R. Martinez 279-648; M. Walker 623/559; T. Campbell 602; R. Gonzales 600; E. smith 233-586; R. King 580; R. Silgero 576; M. Osterson 576; T. Campbell 572/553; K. Rosales 227-570; J. Rodriguez 568; M. Walker 559; B. Breaux 558; H. Cox 267-558; ROLLING THUNDER 1ST THREE RIGHT & A WRONG Women: L. Heil 216-598; C. Iracheta 222-594; J. Sanders 216-572; S. Wharton 554; M. Gonzales 544; L. Popp 515; Men: V. Thomas 256-727; R. Martinez 257-696; K. Balke 253-689; T. J. Mooney 248-687; G. Hatter jr. 252-681; S. Dickinson 235-656; A. Verduzco 246-655; R. Morris 258-648; D. Marques 246-645; S. Zeplin 236-645; T. Crowe 227-632; M. Stacy 620; K. Schupbach 236-619; M. Conchola 618; J. Bryant 616; E. Gonzales 231-613; T. Dollins 611; C. Kurtz 597; M. Osterson 591; C. Hoff 586; J.P. Reyna 586; J. Parrott 586; D. dye 584; S. Chambers 583; R. Gonzales 581; E. Stevens Sr. 575; D. Harborth 569; K. Stacy 562; S. Snow 561; T. Bennett 551; FUNTAPPERS (NO TAP) 1ST BOHICA Women: C. speer 268-754; J. Flroes 266-723; Men: R. Kalmus 300-818; S. Dickinson 277-787; M. Conchola 300-753; J. Tweedle 276-742; T.J. Mooney 277-732; R. Nickel 717; B. Luerssen 712; T. Neel 286-694; R. Cooper 576; SUMMER YOUTH 1ST TEAM #2 Girls: R. Wortham 171-459; A. Moore 130-366; Boys: T. Bassano 179-427; J. Wharton 135-357;



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