Callers talk about economy, other topics

July 25, 2011 at 2:25 a.m.

Today, the Democrats tried to defeat America, to set us up for default. After they and the non-conservative Republicans have tried to spend us into oblivion for so long, Harry Reed, doing Obama's bidding, who is controlled by the shadow government elite, would not even let a bill to try to save our economy be put to to a vote.

Norlene, Victoria

Yes, I believe the theory of evolution should be taught in public school. I also believe prayer should be allowed in public schools. So I suggest that schools spend just as much time allowing students and teachers to pray as they do teaching evolution.

I wonder what the chances are of that happening?

Leon, Victoria

I knew that local graduate and power lifter Preston Turner was a great athlete, but I had no idea that he was such a kind person. I was at the gym Friday night. For the entire hour that I was on the treadmill, I watch Preston give 100 percent of his attention and help to a visually impaired friend of his by leading him through all the workout machines and also helping him lift weights. This guy is very lucky to have Preston Turner as a friend.

DeWan, Victoria



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