Stacy consistent for high series in Rolling Thunder league

July 28, 2011 at 2:28 a.m.


Mike Stacy did not bowl a game in the 250's this past week but he was consistent to earn the high set for the week.

Stacy was competing in the Rolling Thunder League when he reeled off games of 239, 244, and 238 to total 721 for the night. His was the only 700 series rolled this week.

Richard Brotze posted the second high series with a 249 high game contributing toward a 688 set.

Other nice scores for the men were Sam Chambers (685), Gary Hatter Jr. (256-668), Mark McDonald (264-662), Mark Yeager (654), Ramon Verduzco (648), and David Jenkins (254).

Lori Heil rolled the best the women had to offer this week with a 222 high game helping toward a 587 series in Rolling Thunder competition.

Samantha Wharton posted a 225 game and 571 total for second high.

A reminder to Victoria USBC Association officers, directors, and VUSBC Hall of Famers that the annual new director and Hall of Fame inductees is scheduled for Saturday at Vera Cruz Restaurant.

I hope you have sent your reply to Jim Mooney by now.

Texan Del Ballard has earned another great honor in being inducted into the USBC Hall of Fame earlier this month. The former PBA great and husband of Carolyn Dorin-Ballard added another Hall of Fame honor to his resume. He had previously being elected to the PBA HOF in 2009, a belated Texas USBC honor in 2010, and now the national one.

Ballard won 13 PBA titled between 1987 and 1993 with nearly $1.3 million in PBA career earnings.

He would have won a 14th title if it had not been for the infamous gutter ball on his last ball of play during the Fair Lanes Open Tournament. It allowed Pete Weber to win the crown and changed the way most PBA bowlers throw their fill ball. Instead of throwing a big hook, they use their spare ball to roll down the middle of the lane and avoid the gutter or leaving a low count split.

When Jack Couch won a PBA title last year after a long drought, he gave all the credit to Ballard for helping him make the right ball choice during the tournament.

You can log on and see vintage Ballard as he wins some of his tournaments.

Ballard underwent treatment of tonsil cancer last year and seems to be in remission as he continues to be a great help to bowlers as a ball representative. .

WOODLAWN TRIO SUMMER 1ST ALLEY CATS Men: M. Yeager 236-654; J. Holbert 228-641; R. Pfeil 608; D. Jenkins 254; R. Gonzales 540; SUMMER SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST FAMILY TIES Women: R. Bellanger 514; J. Vargas 512; Men: R. Gonzales 232-609; H. Cox 227-600; E. Smith 588; K. Rosales 573; R. Martinez 555; ROLLING THUNDER 1ST THREE RIGHTS & A WRONG Women: L. Heil 222-587; S. Wharton 225-571; L. Popp 212-551; S. Garrett 211-543; C. Iracheta 539; B. Long 530; J. Sanders 529; Men: M. Stacy 244-721; R. Brotze 249-688; S. Chambers 243-685; G. Hatter Jr. 256-668; M. McDonald 264-662; R. Verduzco 246-648; T.J. Mooney 226-645; S. Zeplin 238-644; R. Morris 228-640; J. Bryant 632; S. Snow 226-630; R. Gonzales 231-629; R. Martinez 230-628; K. Schupbach 238-628; K. Blake 226-624; J. Jimenez 623; D. Matthews 613; D. Harborth 611; S. Dickinson 228-606; M. Osterson 226-597; T. Bennett 225-593; B. Luerssen 592; B. Alex 589; T. Crowe 587; E. Gonzales 583; L. Boyd 573; B. Marques 572; J.P. Reyna 571; L. Helms 570; C. Flores 230-565; C. Hoff 244-561; B. Buzzell 549; FUNTAPPERS (NO TAP) 1ST BOHICA Women: C. Speer 288-752; J. Salas 252-712; N. Mergele 670; Men: F. Suniga 300-300-878; J. Tweedle 300-828; T.J. Mooney 297-823; S. Dickinson 278-816; C. Aiken 300-300-808; E. Gonzales 755; B. Luerssen 720; L. Oehlke 715; R. Vasquez 277-709;

SUMMER YOUTH 1ST TEAM #2 Girls: R. Wortham 182-508; A. Moore 172-471; Boys: J. Wharton 117-333;



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