Airport tenants get lease revision

Brian Cuaron

July 28, 2011 at 2:28 a.m.

A Victoria Regional Airport lease agreement fomented legal representation by some lessees, wanting better liability for their aircraft.

Two attorneys stood before the Victoria Regional Airport Commission on Thursday. They argued for a section of the airport's lease agreement to be revised before their clients signed it.

Under the lease's liability section, it read, "Landlord shall only be liable to the extent allowed by law."

Janis Scott, representing Steve Orr, said pilots give up their rights under the lease.

"Some of the others who have signed the lease have not signed it happily," Scott said.

Paul Romano represented Heber Lacerda, the CEO of Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers. He said Lacerda felt that heavy tactics had been used.

Romano gave a lease example to the commission that he said had a suitable liability provision.

Later, Kevin Cullen - with Cullen, Carsner, Seerden and Cullen, the law firm representing the airport - said he replaced the airport's liability language in its lease with the proposed liability provision.

He said Romano agreed to that particular compromise at the meeting, and that Scott agreed to it in an email.

Romano and Scott declined to be interviewed.

The amendment to the lease was sent to the airport commission for approval, Cullen said. Those who have signed the lease will be mailed the amendment for them to sign and update their lease.

Cullen said the initial lease was sent to Scott in April. That lease included other changes Scott wanted. Now, Cullen said, Scott wanted a further liability revision.



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