Callers talk about rights, other topics

June 2, 2011 at 1:02 a.m.

I would like to say this to all the people who deny Christians to say there is a God. If we can't say there is a God, then you can't say there isn't a God. Remember this, if you ban something that Christians believe in deeply, soon someone will ban something that you believe in deeply. If you can tell us to shut up, then I can tell you to shut up. What's fair is fair.

Marvin, Bay City

Congratulations to all of the 2011 graduates. Good luck in your future.

Beth, Victoria

In Nov. 2004, just days after winning his Senate seat, Obama denied in an interview that he had presidential aspiration. Apparently, he changed his mind. Now Sue is crying about Perry doing the same thing. It seems that there are two sets of rules here. It is OK for the messiah to change his mind but not anyone else, especially a Republican. Perry could not do any worse than Obama has up to this point.

David, Victoria

As far as the cancer threat, yes. I would still use my cell phone because I don't go around with it glued to my ear 24/7. When I do use it, 90 percent of the time I use the speaker.

Sue, Edna

Should Texas recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states? My opinion is no, we should not recognize them. I do not feel that same-sex relationships are what we should be doing, according to the Bible.

Marilyn, Goliad



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