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'Everybody should have the chance to cheer'

Camille Doty

By Camille Doty
June 4, 2011 at 1:04 a.m.

Amber House, 10, is thrilled to practice her cheering routine at the Victoria Champion Cheer Fundraiser on Saturday.

Amber House starts to do cheer moves as soon as she hears the word.

Her face lights up when she begins to perform, and now the community will be able to see her perform. Amber, who has Down syndrome, will begin practicing June 12 with the Victoria Champion Cheer group.

On Saturday, the cheer organization organized a barbecue fundraiser so children with special needs will be able to participate for free. Kristy Justice said her goal is to include anyone who is willing. "Everybody should have the chance to cheer. We don't want to turn anyone away."

Hundreds of people came by to show their support and make donations. Many left with a brisket plate and a smile on their faces. Parents said they were so grateful their children can be active. "I've been waiting for something like this," Honey House, Amber's mother said. "Everybody deserves to be a cheerleader."

House said cheerleading would help her daughter to build muscle tone, as well as develop discipline. She described her youngest child as a girly-girl, who likes playing with makeup, dressing up and getting her hair done. Amber loved cheering so much, she would mimic the moves from the movie, "Bring It On." The eager 10-year-old just heard the word cheer and immediately jumped into formation.

Proud parents rooted for the cheerleaders during a practice run. During the routine, Amber's dad, Frankie House, said, "You look so pretty."

And she flashed her 1,000-kilowatt smile.



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