7 tips for employers looking for seasonal workers


June 4, 2011 at 1:04 a.m.

As the South Texas sun grows hotter and the "help wanted" notices pop their way into storefront windows, all signs indicate that summer is here.

And, while it might mean vacations and relaxation for some, for many business owners it means sifting through job applications in search of that perfect employee.

Here are seven tips to make that process easier.

Check references.

References offer inside information regarding a potential employee. Some people even include false references on applications, which speaks loads about the person and his or her character.

Go with your gut.

First impressions count. Did the applicant seem friendly and enthusiastic about the job? Was he or she willing to talk? A personable attitude can make a big difference, especially in retail or restaurant settings.

Be sure the applicant is knowledgeable.

A person must know a product before he or she can sell it. Does the applicant have a good base knowledge of what the job's responsibilities would be? Does he or she know the product at hand? If not, is the applicant willing to study up on it?

Look for a multi-tasker.

Can the applicant handle more than one customer at a time or handle more than one activity at once? In today's working world, that can be critical.

Consider previous experience.

Prior work often makes it easier for employees to transition into the new working environment, and can make training easier on the employer.

But ... remember experience isn't everything.

Don't turn someone away simply because they don't have experience. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you could help a person get a foundation in the working world.

Know the law.

People under age 18 are considered minors, and, sometimes, certain rules apply. It is illegal for children ages 14 and 15 to operate power-driven lawnmowers, for instance.

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