Door-to-door salesmen not with VISD, but with legitimate company

June 7, 2011 at 1:07 a.m.

The two men who have been attempting to sell educational material door-to-door are with legitimate company, but still not affiliated with the Victoria school district.

Two summer interns are in Victoria trying to sell the material produced by the Southwestern Company, a summer-selling internship program, said Brandon Devlin, district sales manager.

"I completely understand wanting to make sure the community is safe," Devlin said. "It's a big misunderstanding that comes back to a few people not listening."

Both students in Victoria County are from universities across the U.S., he said.

The interns go to homes where there is school-aged children and let parents know they are with Southwestern Company trying to sell educational material for schools.

Victoria school district is never mentioned, Devlin said.

Contact information the interns receive does not come from VISD, but from socialization with people in the community, Devlin said.

The interns talk to people and learn which homes in the neighborhood may or may not have school-aged children.

"I understand where the confusion comes from," he said.

The interns are not doing anything illegal and are with a legitimate company, confirmed Jenni Wright, deputy with the Victoria County Sheriff's Office said.

"We're being aware of the the activity," she said.

Devlin notified the school district of what the interns are doing, he said.

Still, the interns are not associated with VISD, said Diane Boyett, spokesperson.

VISD did send a phone call recording notification advising that the two men are with a legitimate company.

The company has been around since 1855 and is based in Nashville, Tenn.



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