Years ago for Sunday, Jun 12, 2011

June 9, 2011 at 1:09 a.m.


June 12 - Victoria, playing again under the peerless leadership of Jack Burke, matched fine points with Bay City yesterday, but lost 1 to 0 on an error at short, occasioned by Lohman playing to the batter while McCormick was anticipating a throw to second. Burke signalized his return by featuring the game with his hitting, baserunning, and "highlighting" of the Buds.

June 14 - Victoria has a law requiring all dogs that run about the streets to be muzzled, and it is about time it was being enforced. The streets are full of dogs, and during this hot weather, some of them are more apt to go mad and bite somebody.

June 15 - The Victoria Rosebuds are still losing with disheartening regularity. However, they have absolutely no chance to win the first series, so it does not matter much, anyway. The Buds will travel after next Tuesday, when the second series begins, and should show improvement in their playing. With Burke at the head of affairs again there should be no cause for worry. The 1911 pennant is bound to fly at Sitterle Field.

June 18 - Lohman, the premier pitcher of the Rosebuds, has been sold to Houston under an optional agreement, and will report there tomorrow. Victoria received Pitcher Lowery in exchange, and for the deal to stand, both must make good. Victoria has also secured Scudder Bell through Houston. He is a sensational infielder.


June 12 - Members of the Victoria Fire Department's delegation to the State Firemen's and Fire Marshals Conventions at Fort Worth returned today. They were Fire Marshal C.C. (Mike) Hardin, Tom Land, E.L. Horney, Clyde Jecker and the Rev. J.C. Felger, Chaplain of the local department and also of the state organization.

June 13 - A remodeling program that will cost $13,629 was authorized yesterday when the board of trustees of the Victoria Independent School District let the contract to Ed. Wagner, Victoria Plumbing Company and Henry Witte to repair and remodel the Mitchell Ward School. The building has been in need of repairs for many years, but the condition became more acute when fire damaged the third floor considerably several months ago. A gas heating unit will be installed to replace the wood heaters.

June 14 - A beautiful table of 11,000 pieces of wood inlaid in walnut depicting the Victoria City Hall Square, completed by E.L. Moore, local cabinet maker and general contractor, will be exhibited at the Texas Centennial Central Exposition at Dallas.

June 15 - A five-run splurge in the eighth inning turned a wonderful ball game into a rout here yesterday as the Victoria Rosebuds defeated the Yorktown Fighting Irishman by a score of 8 to 2. The victory gave the Buds four straight wins in the Southwest Texas Amateur League.

June 16 - Among students registered for summer study at Texas A&I College are Mrs. Helen Lamprecht Davis, J.A. Hagler and Miss Clover Dell Hill. The City Council at last night's meeting passed to first reading a proposed ordinance to let a contract to the Central Power & Light Company for electricity to be used in lighting the city streets and the Guadalupe River bridge at a substantial reduction in rates from the present setup. The company announced reductions to both commercial and domestic consumers in April, 1934, and again in August, 1935.

June 17 - Exactly $329,188.16 will go to ex-servicemen of Victoria County in "baby" bonds. Much of this has already been received here, but some is still arriving daily in the mail.

June 18 - With the greatest schedule ever lined up for a junior college in South Texas and prospect unusually bright for a winning team, the Victoria Boosters Association at a meeting last night voted to get back of the 1936 Victoria Junior College football team and see it through a successful season. W.R. McCright was elected president of the organization for the ensuing year.


June 13 - State-wide recognition has been given a Victoria youngster with the selection of H.S. (Scotty) Potts as the Exchange Clubs' "State Boy of the Year." Potts, an honor graduate of Victoria High School last month, was presented a $500 scholarship by the Exchange Clubs for use at the university of his choice. The presentation was made at Dallas. Potts who was the Victoria Exchange Club's Boy of the Month in February and later the club's Boy of the Year in Victoria, was also presented a plaque in Dallas.

June 14 - The Civic Theatre board Tuesday night authorized its president, Hans L. Weigand, to address an immediate plea to the Central Services Administration to permit continued use of the Aloe Field theater building for next season's plays. Victoria County recently swapped the former county airport property for Foster Field, which has no available building suitable for the Civic Theatre programs.

June 15 - Three Texas A&M students brought home military promotions when they returned to Victoria for the summer vacation. They are John Krebs, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Krebs, a sergeant-major; John Lee Hall, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Hall, first-lieutenant, and Robert Timme, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Timme, lieutenant-colonel. Krebs is a junior, the others seniors.

June 17 - Ross Terry, delinquent tax attorney for city, county and schools in Victoria, said Friday he is planning new action on delinquent taxpayers. This will include both new tax suits and an attempt to collect on judgements awarded the taxing agencies in previous suits, Terry said.

June 18 - Rex Davis was elected president of the Bloomington Lions Club at a "ladies night" program held last week at Bloomington Community Center. Other new officers are A.A. Jurena, Les Angerstein and Arthur Phillips, vice-president; J.M. Maroney, secretary-treasurer; Joe Wyatt, lion tamer, and Coda Wynn, tail twister. Leon Smothers is current president. Included on the entertainment program were "The Frictionless Four," a vocal quartet composed of Bill Mueller, Jim Bartee, Bob Harris and Dr. Jim Bauer.


June 13 - Tickets to an All-American variety show Sept. 20 in Victoria will be promoted in a telephone campaign by the Victoria Shrine Club, the show chairman announced. Victoria residents will be asked to contribute $25 for a "good neighbor" ticket, which will admit seven children of adults, to one of the show's two performances, said Larry Moore, Shrine Club project chairman. Individual tickets will be sold for $4, Moore said. The variety show is returning to Victoria for its second year. Last year, about 600 children and adults watched the show at two performances, he estimated. The Show's performances will be at 11:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. Sept. 20 at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post Hall, 2001 Lova Drive.

June 15 - Tuesday will be "Pecos Bill Day" at the Victoria Public Library. The special day is being held in conjunction with "Celebrate Texas," a summer reading programs for local children. Texas folk heroes will be honored at 10 a.m. in the Bronte Room with a puppet play entitled "Pecos Bill and the Armadillo." A demonstration of cowboy equipment by Sal Armstrong is also planned. There is no admission but seating is limited to 150 children.



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