Advocate editorial board opinion: Education reform needed, not cutting funds to schools

By the Advocate Editorial Board
June 11, 2011 at 1:11 a.m.

Now, our Legislature can say - as Shakespeare's Macbeth said - the deed is done. But we don't think the Legislature can wash their hands of this draconian cut in spending to public school funding.

The reduction in spending of $4 billion over two years will leave some school districts floundering, fighting to stay above the deep water cut. We already see schools closing and teachers being laid off. We can't imagine what will happen in the next two years.

Among the 50 states, Texas ranks 25th in education, according to We've seen various other rankings, ranging from 46th to 35th in the United States.

Sure, throwing money at a problem is not the solution, especially when there is no accountability for the funds. Texas does need education reform. However, to gut the state's public education in one fell swoop is cruel and cold-blooded.

And we think our legislators who voted this spending cut failed at their jobs to find other means of cutting spending, especially with how Texas is ranked with the rest of the country. Why would you look first at cutting education - the means for a brighter future in Texas? Education shouldn't be the first cut.

Our lawmakers should have dug deeper and found other places to cut and other means to raise revenue.

After all, these elected officials are charged with leading our state to prosperity and well-being.

We think education should not be a political football.

Democrats, Republicans, independents and others should work together to provide the best public education possible, and that means good reform to the state's education system, not severe cuts in funding.

All agencies have to tighten their belts to ensure we have a good education for our children.

Let's work toward a better education plan for our children - one the state can ensure and one that is fair and just to all school districts.

This editorial reflects the views of the Victoria Advocate's editorial board.



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