Morris hammers pins for top score

June 15, 2011 at 1:15 a.m.


Randy "Ojo" Morris hammered the pins to produce the high series for the week while competing in Rolling Thunder competition.

Morris started league play with games of 257 and 255 to highlight an excellent total of 726 as he finished with a 214 game. His was the only 700 for the week.

Scott Snow rolled the second high set with a 247 high game contributing towards a 692 total.

Youngster Adrian Verduzco continues his hot scoring with a 690 series.

Other scores of note for the men were T.J. Mooney (258-687), Richard Brotze (686), Tony Bennett (264-685), Mike Stacy (247-684), James Holbert (680.664), Mike Osterson (680), Bobby Marques (256-671/667), Kim Blake (671), Gary Hatter Jr. (254-661), Travis Dollins (658), David Erdelt (654), Mark Walker (276), Harold Bellanger (270), and Javier Hernandez Sr. (249).

JoAnna Sanders was close to perfection in the third game of Rolling Thunder action when she started with four strikes, spared the fifth frame and then went to the wall with 7 strikes to bowl a tremendous 278 game.

She had started league play with a 214 game and then fell to a 148 middle game before finding the right line to create a great strike ball for her big third game. In spite of the low score, she finished with a great 642 series.

Lorie Heil was a close second with a great individual game of 267 contributing towards a 631 series the previous week. Heil also rolled a 227 game and 599 set in the same league.

Nicole Mergele with a 570 total was the third high for the women.

Jim Mooney, VUSBC Association manager will be mailing out the checks for winners in the recently held Victoria Senior Mixed Tournament.

The unofficial final standings of the annual Texas State USBC Open have been posted and it looks like it was a lean year for Victoria bowlers.

Getting a small check will be Mike Osterson and Mike Stacy for a 1,320 doubles score in Div 1, Stacy for a 687 set in Div 1 singles, and Dandy Richards for a 1,929 All Events score in Div 2.

WOODLAWN TRIO SUMMER Men: J. Holbert 680/664; R. Gonzales 591; John Vasquez 554; SUMMER SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST SPLIT HAPPENS Women: L. King 553; J. Flores 525; B. Ivicic 214; R. Bellanger 507; Men: G. Hatter Jr. 246-661; E. Smith 247-605/586; M. Walker 276-582/551; K. Langdeau 224-569/559; M. Walker 551; J. Rodriguez 226; ROLLING THUNDER 1ST TEAM #5 Women: J. Sanders 278-642; L. Heil 267-631/227-599; N. Mergele 570; R. Bellanger 552/539; C. Iracheta 538; J. Thomas 524; L. Popp 225-524; Men: R. Morris 257-726; S. Snow 247-692/237-649 ; A. Verduzco 233-690/237-608; T.J. Mooney 257-687/237-614; R. Brotze 237-686/603; T. Bennett 264-685/557; M. Stacy 247-684/622; M. Osterson 241-680; B. Marques 256-671/244-667; K. Blake 225-671;G. Hatter Jr. 254-661/628;T. Dollins 224-658/228; D. Erdelt 240-654; L. Boyd 225-640; D. Dye 239-638; K. Schupbach 246-636; J. Hernandez Sr. 249-626/611; R. Martinez 621; T. Crowe 229-616/225-598; H. Bellanger 270-614; M. Conchola 613; V. Thomas 611; C. Flores 609/571; J. Parrott 235-608; D. Marques 225-606; E. Gonzales 234-596/236; S. Zeplin 596; J. Bryant 594; S. Chavez 594; B. Alex 224-592; R. Verduzco 237-590/589; S. Gritta 230-589/584; S. Dickinson 587; B. Jackson 587; T. Tanner 243-587/552; H. Bellanger 584; J. P. Reyna 583; J. Jimenez 582; R. Gonzales 574; C. Davis 572; D. Snell 569; C. Kurtz 568; K. Blake 564; R. Martinez 556; D. Harborth 557; E. Stevens Sr. 552; FUNTAPPER (NO TAP) 1ST SHOOTERS BAR Women: E. Faltysek 300-746; B. Long 278-727; C. Speer 703; T. Pucciarello 253-702; A. Cano 254-679; Men: R. Kalmus 298-783; J. Cano 766; J. Weber 740; Z. Balfanz 734; D. Mergele 278-732; E. Stevens Sr. 726; T.J. Mooney 300-725; J. Tweedle 717; R. Vasquez 270-701;



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