Callers talk about sonograms, other topics

June 20, 2011 at 1:20 a.m.

No women should definitely not be required to view a sonogram before having an abortion.

Dorothy, Victoria

I want to express my appreciation of Mary Hall's letter to the editor today. I am in perfect agreement with her expression of disgust and embarrassment over the Memorial Day front page article. I do not think that the majority of the people of our community want that type of article on the front page on a Memorial Day weekend or most any other time.

LaNell, Victoria

It is wrong that the VISD teachers aren't going to get their measly little $66.66 per month annual STEP increase. It seems like we need to cut the fat at the top first. Why not publish the salaries of the top 25 highest paid VISD employees and let the public gag on the truth? Go ahead; it is public information.

Mary Sue, Victoria

Hey Jefro, it is used for more things than just a hat rack. God forbid one day one of your female kinfolks gets strip searched in the middle of the highway by the police. Don't come running out of your trailer protesting. Remember, Jefro, they are only doing their job.

Randy, Cuero

I just want to say the hypocrisy within the Republican Party is rearing its ugly head one more time. This bill to outlaw smoking in public places statewide is an intrusion upon private property rights and personal rights, which the Republican Party is always decrying.

Frank, Olivia

All of you people blaming Obama for no jobs: Maybe you should check with Walmart, Sam's, J.C. Penney, Sears and Dillards, and check the tag inside each garment or product and see where it was made.

Billy, Bloomington

There is a tragedy about to happen in the Silver City neighborhood. All of the ingredients are there. We have drug dealers, juvenile delinquents, prostitutes, drive by shootings and gangs roaming the streets. Police are always preaching about being proactive, well it is high time to use it in Silver City. God forbid if an innocent child is killed in this neighborhood.

John, Victoria



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