City Corner: Learn to use e-books at library's Downloadable Bootcamp

June 26, 2011 at 1:26 a.m.

O.C. Garza

O.C. Garza

By O.C. Garza

I am interested in downloading e-books from the library, but I have some technical questions. How can I get tech help on this topic?

The most efficient way to learn about e-books would be to attend the free "Downloadable Bootcamp" scheduled at the library from 10 a.m. until noon Monday.

This hands-on session was organized specifically to help with any technical issues in downloading e-books. Bring your mobile device, phone or laptop computer with you.

Many tech questions deal with compatibility and the new Overdrive software used by the library is compatible with most e-reader and mobile devices from Apple, Sony, Nook (Barnes & Nobles), Blackberry, and most major mobile device manufacturers. Participants will learn how to browse, check out, and download OverDrive downloadable eBooks and downloadable audio books.

If you can't attend the Downloadable Bootcamp, the library has staff and website information on using the downloadable services at or give them a call at 361-485-3302.

Are commercial projects required to include plans for drainage control before their development plans are approved?

Yes. All commercial construction projects from small shopping centers to large manufacturing facilities must consider the impact of their project on Victoria's storm water system. Engineers analyze the storm water runoff expected from the proposed development. If the downstream capacity of the channel or pipe is not large enough to handle the additional runoff from the new development, or if the additional storm drain runoff causes an "adverse impact" to existing structures upstream or downstream, the proposed project must be modified. In most cases a retention pond, holding basin, or other method is used to reduce the peak runoff to a flow rate that the storm sewer system can accommodate. This helps to lessen flood damage when major rainstorms occur. A good example of a holding basin is the parking lot at Walmart. An example of a stormwater detention pond is in front of Hastings on Navarro Street.

Are city council meetings available online?

Yes, all city council meetings are available for viewing on the Internet. I should add that our parks commission meetings and planning commission meetings are also available online. In fact, all of the original programming done at Vtv15 are rendered for "on demand" Internet viewing at your convenience. Be aware that some of these programs take a while to download even at the low resolutions needed for the Internet. To access these programs, browse to Another way to access these programs is to go to the city website at and scroll to the bottom right corner of the page and click on the "Online Programs" link below the Vtv15 logo.

I don't see any sprinklers near the new trees planted in downtown. Will city crews be watering those trees manually?

No. An underground drip irrigation system was installed to water the new trees planted in downtown Victoria and is now watering those trees. The new trees in the downtown area were donated by private citizens lead by Louise Hull Patillo.

Why does a traffic ticket cost so much money?

I spoke with Tracy Musch, our municipal court clerk. Tracy tells me that the city fine for a speeding ticket less than 25 miles per hour over the speed limit is $91.90 plus $10 for the court technology fund, for a total of $101.90. Here's the kicker, the state adds another $82.10 to the city fine. That brings the ticket total to $184.00. There is an important message here, slow down and save yourself some money.

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