Victoria Mall fireworks show will last about 30 minutes

Camille Doty

June 29, 2011 at 1:29 a.m.

This image is from the Fourth of July Fireworks show that was at the Victoria Mall last Fourth of July.

This image is from the Fourth of July Fireworks show that was at the Victoria Mall last Fourth of July.

Victoria's Fourth of July celebration returns for its second year at the Victoria Mall.

Last year, some said they loved the new site; others were disappointed.

Jennifer R. Perez said she's thrilled about the new location. Last July 4, her family sat on lawn chairs in the Kamin's Furniture parking lot, under the U.S. flag to be more specific. Perez said the mall location gives more viewing options. And as a result, people will park in more places.

She added, "the lack of traffic congestion made getting home easier as well."

The city is partnering again with Hartman Distributing Co. and the Victoria Mall to give a free concert and fireworks show.

David Hartman said this is a special event for Crossroads residents of all ages.

"It's our national holiday that touches everyone's lives. It reaches so many people, young and old," he said.

Hartman said his company has sponsored the event for at least 30 years.

The fireworks will be shot off at Ethel Lee Tracy Park. But, Hartman, the vice president of marketing, said spectators from far away will be pleasantly surprised.

"This year, the shells will go off at higher elevations, so many others will be able to see it," he said.

Shane Simon, from the Victoria Parks & Recreation Department, said that the audience near the east part of the mall, next to Dillard's, will have the closest and best spots. The recreation services manager also said the parking lot lights will be left on for safety reasons. The show is scheduled to last about 30 minutes.

Victoria band Rhythm of the Road will perform immediately after the show, to try to maintain traffic flow.

Before the fireworks, the event will begin at 6 p.m. Stewart Mann and the Statesboro Revue, from Austin, will begin the series with rootsy southern rock 'n' roll music. Charla Corn and the Trainwrecks are the headliners.

Corn, a Fort Worth-based singer, described her music as Texas Country/Red Dirt. She also said she plans to entertain concert-goers.

"My main objective is to make sure people are having a blast," she said.

The singer and guitar player has played in large venues like the Larry Joe Taylor Texas Music Festival, and she's thrilled to celebrate the holiday in Victoria.

"The band is my family. Music is my life. Victoria is going to be my adopted family," she said.

Not all residents are thrilled about the location change. Joe Ruben Rios, said that he's lived by the community center for the past 22 years. His friends and family would barbecue while watching the show. The newer venue is less convenient for him.

Rios suggested the city should shoot the fireworks from the tallest building in town. He also said that there would be less concern about fires because the fireworks would burn out by the time they hit the ground.

He said, "That would really be nice to see for once in our city's history."



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