Flesh-eating bacteria surface early

June 29, 2011 at 1:29 a.m.
Updated July 7, 2011 at 2:07 a.m.

J.D. Gray, Crossroads Health center

J.D. Gray, Crossroads Health center

As the summer heats up, so does the risk of the Gulf's warm waters.

In early June, J.D. Gray, a nurse at Crossroads Health Center, confirmed the first case of of vibrio, a flesh-eating form.

Vibrio comes in several forms, but the flesh-eating form is the deadliest and spreads fast, especially if not caught soon.

Here is what Gray advises people need to know about vibrio:

What is vibrio?

It's simply a bacteria that appears naturally in our waters. It's typically associated with warm water temperatures. The area has started to heat up so fast so early this year that we've had our first confirmed case sooner that we would have anticipated.

How do you contract vibrio?

Vibrio exists in all waters and the hotter the temperature and the drier the weather, the more concentrated the vibrio can be. Practicing caution in the waters and trying to not expose even the smallest wounds to the water is the best preventive measure.

How can you prevent vibrio?

We want everyone to just be aware. Go out and enjoy the waters, have a good time but be aware if you should get cut or anything and you start to see infection on it, it starts to ooze some pus or have a lot of warmness in the area or some swelling, go and get it checked out. It's very curable. But don't let it get away from you. It can travel very fast with possibly deadly complications.

Corrected July 7, 2011



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