Oceans For Emotions: In the beginning God created the earth

March 18, 2011 at midnight
Updated March 17, 2011 at 10:18 p.m.

By Elaine Wheat

If any one asks me what my column in the paper addresses, I tell them that it is about, for and from God and is about, for and from fisher people.

Between this time in the Lenten season and Easter, I am going to try to concentrate more about The One Who Made Easter Possible, God, then the one who profits from it the most, me.

My only problem is, that because I love God and the waters, I still come out with columns about God and fishing.

Same ol', same ol' is OK if same ol' is good, and if ol', same ol' is not bad.


Genesis 1:2, " And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the deep." Being a fisherman and not a theologian I will need to imagine the beginning of the world. He didn't have a sheet of plans to follow in seven different languages so He just had to wing it.

He made Heaven and the Earth first, but the Earth turned out to be a dark glob of goo and that wouldn't do for a perfect God. Maybe if He could see better, He could do better, so He made Himself a light that would shine and that He could turn off part of the time. "Now I'm on a power kick and can get this world thing whirling." God might have thought and "That's good."

Then the good stuff started cranking out for the Creator, because the first thing He made was the water and called them the "seas." Then God made the dry land to poke up through His sea so the seas could be separated and God had a plan for the earth later.

God must have loved His seas the best, for He returned to them when He thought, "I am a great and loving God, so now I want to create life that can love Me in return."

He must have figured out that He better start out small because first He made a huge layer of tiny plankton that covered His "Sea World." He saw that the plankton were way too small, so He gave life to other creatures. He created His sea creatures for His seas to feed on the plankton and their dead bodies could feed the plankton. Then, just for fun, the Creator created great whales that only fed on plankton, so He could keep the sea food in balance, and these whales could also be the stars in His "Sea World."

Then God looked upon His world once again and said, "Seas are good."

Dear Lord, as a fisherperson, I'm sure You loved the seas as much as we do. Is that why you covered 75 percent of Your world with water? I'll meet You at the marina tomorrow.



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