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Living Space: 7 Sure-to-Please Mother's Day Decorating Ideas

May 5, 2011 at 12:05 a.m.

A planned, organized closet filled with shelves, drawers and baskets is a great gift for Mother's Day that any woman would love,  and most systems can be installed in a weekend.

A planned, organized closet filled with shelves, drawers and baskets is a great gift for Mother's Day that any woman would love, and most systems can be installed in a weekend.

By Kathryn Weber

The one person who's usually responsible for decorating, organizing and designing in the home is Mom. But for Mother's Day, why not surprise her with some of your own decorating inspiration? The list below of seven-around- the-house projects are all chosen with Mom in mind - and will ensure your gift lasts longer and is more appreciated than a trip to the spa or bouquet of flowers.

  1. Give her a gorgeous closet makeover. Like the commercial that shows screaming women looking at their friend's organized closet, your mother will gasp when she sees a closet planned, organized and installed. Most home centers carry closet organizers and there are online planners to help you create a beautiful closet that will make Mom swoon. Planners can be found online at,, and

  2. Install slide-out cabinet drawers. Rather than making Mom bend down to search for items in kitchen and bathroom counters, slide-out drawers make items stored in cabinets easier to reach and more accessible. Find sliding shelf kits at your local home center or hire a service, such as to install them for you.

  3. Glam up her dressing. If Mom has to stand up to put on makeup or brush her hair, why not give her a dressing table? A custom table can be made from stock cabinetry and mirrors in a corner of a closet or try refurbishing an antique. An antique dressing table can be refurbished and will help Mom feel pampered while she gets dressed.

  4. If she can't stand the heat, get her out of the kitchen. An outdoor kitchen is a terrific Mother's Day gift that will help her stay cool all summer long and save time on kitchen clean up. While you're at it, put in a sweet kitchen garden with some herbs, lettuce mix and cherry tomatoes.

  5. Create a space, just for Mom's activities. If she loves to scrapbook, sew or meditate, you can create a space just for her and her interests. Maybe Mom's a gardener. If so, construct a potting bench and fill with fun potting tools and soil. Or, if Mom has a business she runs off her laptop, why not convert that rarely used dining room into her own home office? Make space just for her, and she'll love you for it.

  6. Fill her world with flowers. If mom loves the outdoors, take an unused corner of the yard and make a meditation garden for her. Add a bench, lush plantings of flowers and a water feature so she can have a spot to read a book or just escape and relax in.

  7. Make her nights romantic with a canopy bed. They're dreamy and seductively romantic for most women - and it might just stir her passionate feelings again. The shortest route to a canopy bed is to simply buy one. But they're easy to make, too.'s interior decorating site has a number of different canopy bed styles and projects that can be viewed here, or try this canopy bed made entirely out of plumping pipe But do be sure to soften this bed with romantic draping and curtains for a romantic look.

Kathryn Weber is a home and decorating columnist and publishes the Red Lotus Letter feng shui ezine. For more information, contact Weber through her web site,



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