Ask Chuck: Wind causes damage in different ways compared to sun

May 5, 2011 at 12:05 a.m.

By Charles Colson

I recently heard the strangest thing about how wind can be damaging to our hair. I thought the sun did the worst damage. Is this really true?

In several ways it is true. Wind can cause dryness and brittleness to the hairshaft in a much different way than the sun. This was doubted for many years but now there is concrete proof that it not only dries out the skin but causes hair to become unruly. So even on a cloudy, windy day umbrellas can be quite beneficial in more ways than one. Where the sun appears more direct, the wind does its damage by surrounding us. Be cautious of elements from the weather.

In an earlier article, you helped me out on proper conditioning for my pets. Do you know of a good pet shampoo on the market that helps condition their hair?

From personal experience I have found one where oatmeal was added. This one seemed to leave their hair in soft, manageable condition. As I also mentioned in previous articles, I found that by diluting the shampoo with water, it was much easier to rinse and release from the hair and scalp. Pets are more comfortable with this procedure.

Is there a vitamin that we could take or find in products that helps give life to hair?

Yes. Keratin is quite beneficial for this purpose. Check with your local health stores where keratin should be found to a percentage in tablet form. There are also special shampoos that contain keratin in order to replenish the hair with this vitamin deficiency. Sometimes this is necessary after a long illness.

In these tough economic times, I have had to resolve to doing my hair myself and going to the salon less often. Are more products now available to the public at local beauty supply stores?

Yes. In previous years there were only few supplies that the public could purchase. These businesses have realized the economic strain people have found themselves in. Products such as hair color rinses, dyes, bleaches, peroxides, perms and some nail care products are now available. Check with each supply store to see which products they carry. This also helps hairdressers understand special needs of their clients. It makes it easier then to proudly brag to others that you and your hairstylist take care of your hair.

Charles Colson is a local hair stylist and registered massage therapist. You may email hair or massage questions to



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