Thumbs-up, thumbs-down; it's your choice

May 20, 2011 at 12:20 a.m.


Thumbs-up on Internet providers who promise to keep unsolicited "garbage scow" ads off our computer services.

We get enough of those on regular TV programs. Else we may soon find little pellets coming out our faucets, with "messages" that will "save you money" or "make you rich."

Joseph, Palacios

Thumbs-up to the Shiner St. Paul softball team for winning the state finals.

Jim, Shiner

Thumbs-up to construction coming to a finish in downtown Victoria. It's about time.

Susan, Victoria


Thumbs-down on all the garbage ads sent to my computer, where one rat sends a "virus" message, and brother rat offers to remove it.

Joseph, Palacios

Thumbs-down on people who let their dogs run loose. A little consideration would be nice, not to mention obeying the law.

Jane, Victoria



Thumbs-up to Calvin Cook, who served the city of Yoakum for more than 40 years, including the office of city manager.

Thumbs-up to the rainfall. Our farmers need all they can get right now.

Thumbs-up to St. Joseph High School softball team upon its victory and state championship.

Thumbs-up to the city for approving a study to show whether Victoria needs a hotel/convention center.

Thumbs-up to 7-year-old Zhayvan Gayle, of Victoria, for being named the May volunteer of the month by Keep Texas Beautiful. Gayle is a volunteer for Keep Victoria Beautiful and the youngest recipient of the recognition by the Texas organization.

Thumbs-up to the annual fallen peace officers memorial ceremony. May 15 was Peace Officers Memorial Day in Victoria and the county.

Thumbs-up to Gulf Bend Center and the National Alliance on Mental Illness for donating five copies of the book "Crazy" by Pete Earley to the Victoria Public Library. The book will help residents understand mental illness and promote mental health awareness.

Thumbs-up to the Victoria Jaycees for hosting its annual picnic for citizens with disabilities.

Thumbs-up to Jose P. Rodriguez and his family for realizing their dream of owning their own business. Rodriguez immigrated to the United States and now has Valle Vista, a new development in the Mission Valley area.


Thumbs-down to all the accidents in the past month.

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