Stacy slams pins for scoring honors

May 25, 2011 at 12:25 a.m.

Mike Stacy ended the Sugar & Spice fall season with a barrage of strikes that netted him his second career 800 series.

He blistered the pins for games of 268, 279 and 259 to total 806 for the night.

It has been a productive year for Stacy with two 300 games and two 800 plus sets for the season.

Larry Mikulec posted the second high series with a 694 set to his credit in the same league.

Other scores of note for the men were Jon Parratt (258-686), Brian Hyden (258-683/256), Dave Matthews (257-677/248-659), Steve Dickinson (665), Chris Kurtz (655), Justin Tweedle (649), Ben Mooney (263), Dandy Richards (254), and Michael Conchola (254).

Sharon Guinn also ended the fall season in great fashion with two great sets to lead the women's scoring.

Guinn was on fire during the last week of the Captain's League with great games of 247, 202 and 196 for a 645 series.

She also ended the Sugar & Spice League with a 227 high game and 635 total.

Other noteworthy scores for the women were Carri Lee (232-625), Joanna Sanders (214-617) Christine Speer (224-611), and Leticia Popp with an outstanding 242 game.

This past weekend, I attended the Texas State USBC Association annual meeting and the Hall of Fame/Hall of Honor banquet.

Connie Cotton and John Campbell were inducted into the Texas Hall of Fame and they are deserving of the honor.

Connie has been bowling for over forty years and has been a professional coach for 30 years. She was Team USA team leader for the World Youth Championships in Inchon, Korea and then Team USA team leader for (adults) World Bowling Championships in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

One of her early bowling students was Del Ballard, who upon his induction into the PBA Hall of Fame, credited Connie with giving him valuable insight to become a professional bowler.

She has also been a USBC Silver Certified Coach since 1997. She was very instrumental in helping a large number of bowlers not only in the Dallas area but also all over the world.

John Campbell hails from the Rio Grande Valley and the Hidalgo County Bowling Association. He has been involved in his local association for over 50 years.

He started out serving as a travel league secretary and moved on up through the ranks of the local association as director, vice-president, association secretary/treasurer, president and finally a life member of the local association.

He also served 10 years in the state association as a district director.

Next week I will highlight the Hall of Honor winners. This award is given to youth bowlers who have exemplified themselves not only as good bowlers but outstanding young citizens.

WOODLAWN TRIO SUMMER 1ST ALLEY CATS Men: J. Rodriguez 610; H. Saldano 578; R. Pfeil 569; WILD TURKEY League Champions, ALLEY KATS with members Amanda Jaeger, Elise Matula, Joey Smith, and Woody Mikeska. Women: R. Russell 214-535; Men: B. Hyden 258-683; J. Weber 572; K. Blake 568; SUGAR & SPICE League champions, WE NEED A TEAM NAME with members Linda Cooper, Bill Jackson, Joanna Sanders, Edmond Fingers, and Victor Thomas Women: S. Guinn, 227-635; C. Lee 232-625; J. Sanders 214-617; C. Speer 224-611; L. Mikulec 573; D. Stroud 563; D. Shaw 211-558; T. Wortham 513; Men: M. Stacy 279-806; L. Mikulec 243-694; J. Parratt 258-686; D. Matthews 257-677; C. Kurtz 227-655; J. Tweedle 237-649; C. Aiken 235-645; K. Stacy 225-643; K. Schupbach 227-635; B. Hyden 256-633; R. Morris 617; D. Richards 254-614; A. Vega 609; M. Osterson 226-608; S. Snow 607; J. wittenburg 242-604; R. Vivero 226-601; T. Bennett 596; S. Zeplin 582; M. Wortham 573; G. Pitts 573; W. Lorance 569; D. Flores 562; B. Jackson 227-561; CAPTAIN'S League Champions, GIRLFRIENDS with members Roxane Salziger, Linda Burrows, and Bobbie Mitscherling.Women: S. Guinn, 247-646; L. Goryews 216-541; D. Ediston 513; D. Fitzgerald 512; FRIDAY NITE MIXED 1ST NO WHAMMY-BS Women: C. Speer 227-586; L. Popp 242-553; L. Conchola 514; S. Espindola 513; V. Flores 513; D. Minares 513; Men: S. Dickinson 233-665; D. Matthews 248-659; R. Mendieta 227-604; M. Conchola 254-604; K. Bryan 586; B. Mooney 263-580; M. Espindola 579; B. Rodriguez 576; E. Gonzales 567; K. Blake 564; A. Mayfield 554; R. Morris 245.



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