Tim Hall Band coming to Dodge City

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May 25, 2011 at 12:25 a.m.

Tim Hall is originally from Geneva, Ohio.

Tim Hall is originally from Geneva, Ohio.

Can you imagine standing on stage with 20,000 fans singing the words of your life story? For Tim Hall, that dream became a reality in 2009 when he performed at the Fayette County Fair in La Grange

His book of life has high and low notes. But his passion for music began when he was 10 years old. Hall began teaching himself to play the guitar by listening to the radio.

The independent artist admitted to liking all kinds of music, yet country music is in his blood.

"I grew up with it all around me," he said.

Growing up, his musical influence was Waylon James. However, he said he remembers listening to James' songs repeatedly. "I'd hear stuff on the radio and I envisioned me doing it," said Hall.

At 16, the aspiring musician formed his first band, "The Country Traditions," when he lived in Harris County. The band eventually grew apart.

A singing contest in Shiner gave the Geneva, Ohio, native a chance to perform in the Nashville. He also recorded with studio musicians in the country music capital.

Freddie and Doris Hall's second child may be originally from the Midwest, but he considers Texas his home.

"I can ride my motorcycle in the heat, I can't do it in the cold. There's no way I'd go back to that," he said.

Hall's parents may miss their only son, but they like the fact he's in Texas because it's a place for them to come visit. The guitar player has three sisters, one older and two younger. He considers himself to be a protective older brother.

Hall is a humble person who credits his band for a lot of his success. The new six-member Tim Hall Band, which has been together for eight years, practices together once a week.

"These are some of the best musicians I've ever played with," he said. Hall, a Realtor by profession, said the band's chemistry is dynamic both on and off stage.

"Other than friends, these are some of the best friends I can ever have," said the Schulenburg musician. He added when they come together, it is magic.

Hall said his music is meant for dancing. "Whether you're 18 or 80, we want to get you dancing," he said.

Frank Anderson, owner of Dodge City in Victoria, agreed. His customers said the Tim Hall band always gives a great show. Dodge City will be able to accommodate because the venue can accomodate up to 300 people.

On Friday, Hall will perform at Anderson's night club for the third time. "It's good music. It's the kind of music that most people who come here want to listen to," said Anderson.

Hall has come to the Crossroads many times and enjoys it. "I'm excited. I just can't wait to come back," he said.



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