Saturday Sermon: God's will for every day

May 27, 2011 at 12:27 a.m.

God has made his will for every day of our lives clear. You can know what you should do every day. You know how you should think every day. You can know how you should relate to people every day. You can know what God wants for you every day. So where do you find all of this? Do you know where to look to find God's will for every day of your life? The answer to this question is simpler than you think. God's word, the Bible, is where we find his will for every day of our lives.

The Bible is a blend of God's story, his commands and instruction to his followers. All of scripture is intended to communicate God's desires, his will and his plan for the world. Because of this, reading, knowing, studying and applying God's word is central to discovering God's will for every day of your life.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 outlines three reasons that we should look to scripture as our first and primary source for discovering God's will for our lives. First, all scripture is God-breathed. If we aren't careful, we won't realize the full impact of this reality. The fact that scripture is God-breathed makes it like nothing else we will read. God inspired men to record his activity. From Genesis to Revelation, God reveals his will for our lives. Have a question, concern, need or desire? Check it against God's word. Second, it is God's will that his scripture: Teach us when we are lacking knowledge, rebuke and correct us when necessary, train us to become more like him in our day-to-day lives and prepare us for every good work.

So, what should you look for, as you try to discover God's will through his Word? Look first, for the direct commands in scripture. There are hundreds of commands in scripture that are without question clearly God's will for your life. Knowing God's clear commands will help us know how to live, but we still may be left with nagging questions about what God wants us to do. Don't worry about this. God's word has the solution for this, too. God's word gives us principles and truths on which we are free to make decisions.

Reading, studying and meditating on God's word is the first step in discovering God's will for your life. Through these three disciplines, God will show you what he wants you to do every day. You can know with confidence how God wants you to live your life - every day.

Mike Hurt is the senior pastor of Parkway Church.



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