Leubsdorf should remember history

May 27, 2011 at 12:27 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Carl Leubsdorf's column (Viewpoints, May 23) criticizing America's actions and ignoring Cuba's transgressions comes as no surprise. Texas con man, editorial writer and master of the half truth, Leubsdorf is a liberal phony who had rather criticize America than face the reality of the last 50 years of the first Castro-sponsored murder and terrorism now carried on by his family heir.

Crazy Carl blames the current "Republican Controlled Congress." My civics book shows that there are two houses of Congress. And unless there has been a drastic change, the Democrats control the Senate. His statement therefore shows a disregard for the truth or plain old ignorance or maybe both.

Like so many others of his "new world order" mentality, this muddle-headed flower child attempts to placate our announced enemy who, until according to history on such matters, capitalized on our consideration as a perceived wealthiness to be exploited. His short memory fails to consider the not too distant past when nuclear capable missiles were installed on Cuban shores. They weren't aimed back at Russia

Leubsdorf, and others of his strain, wear the blame-America brand. They are too imbued with their own immature, imperfect and incapable judgment to deserve space in any newspaper.

John Caldwell, Goliad



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