Losing job presents opportunity to pursue career choice

May 31, 2011 at 12:31 a.m.

It is easy for people to take their job for granted. I admit I was one of those people. In December 2009, my life changed. I received notice the company was laying off a large amount of employees.

When receiving the news that I was one of the many affected, I took the situation as a blessing. As a result, opportunities for development in my career, education and life-fulfillment increased. Victoria College would be the place I could achieve my new goals.

Prior to receiving the news, I had met some wonderful women who loved their positions in the medical field. I believe God placed them in my path to see the possibilities of a new career. I was interested in the medical profession since being a member of Health Occupations Students of America, but life led me in a different direction after high school. Now, my life was changing again, this time leading me to a nursing profession. I had heard Victoria College has one of the best nursing programs. I now had to take the steps toward development in a new career. Seeing as I was determined to become a registered nurse, I had to return back to school.

I had not thought about continuing my education for a long time. I had graduated in 1995 and had only attended a few college courses. When I applied, everyone was very helpful in getting me registered. I took the necessary test, obtained the documents and paid for my classes. One month after my lay-off, I was starting the spring term at Victoria College.

Most people I knew were looking for another job, but not me. I was working toward acceptance to a very selective nursing program, praying to God to guide me in my next stage in life. My prayers were answered, and I got brilliant professors. Each promoted learning and the resources available at the college. I spent many hours studying, and it paid off. At the end of the first term, my grade point average was a 4.0. I could only achieve this by the extra time in study sessions proctored by my chemistry professor and the can-do positive attitude of my computer professor. Not to mention, the excellent online psychology lecturer's voice and slide show presentation helped me understand and learn the material. Even though the class was online, it seemed like I was in a face-to-face class.

I believe there is a plan for my life. At this time, it is to do the best I can to learn the material needed to help others. During my fall term, I was not sure if I could attend college because of financial difficulties. Victoria College was again coming to my rescue.

Part-time employment was offered as a tutor and supplemental instruction leader. I could develop my skills in helping others learn and earn money to keep going to school. With the assistance of the financial aid department, I was offered a scholarship to help me with the tuition. Currently, I am in the spring term, and in my level one nursing classes. Without the people and help I received from Victoria College, I would not be on my way to a much more fulfilling career helping others at their time of need.

Therefore, it was a blessing my name was on the lay-off list because it helped me develop a new career, school and life-achievement. I know the journey is long, but my school, Victoria College, will be here helping me along the way. I have no regrets about the struggles I must overcome because of my choices. In the end, the reward will be well worth the challenges.

Inez Rodriguez was one of several Victoria College students who participated in the "What's Your Story" essay contest.



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