Callers talk about pie, other topics

Nov. 13, 2011 at 5:13 a.m.

My favorite pie is pecan pie.

Beth, Victoria

Yeah, I think Herman Cain is guilty of the harassment. Although I don't think that is why he shouldn't be president. He shouldn't be president because he lies about a lot of things that he says or simply gets it wrong, and he has no foreign policy at all besides the current one, and that is not working for us. His domestic issues aren't popular.

Tyler, Victoria

I was wondering if the American people know what they are doing? They are segregating the American people again. It is ridiculous. Around here, marriages are interracial marriages and nobody cares anymore. That is part of everybody's family.

Debbie, Port Lavaca

Instead of Russia or anyone sending 12 tons of toxic fuel to Mars, why not send it to the Sun where is can be destroyed completely?

Vic, Victoria

I just want to remind everybody that Michael wasn't the king of rock 'n' roll; Elvis Presley was.

Nancy, Cuero

On Oct. 4, we held the Life Chain on Navarro Street. The sidewalks were lined with people saying that abortion kills children and hurts women. It was gratifying to see drivers giving the thumbs-up sign and honking. That is except for one driver who evidently didn't know how to give the thumbs-up sign and instead held up his middle finger. It was a good chain and perhaps some babies will be saved from abortion.

Marilyn, Victoria



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