Could you pass a fifth-grade STAAR math test?

Nov. 19, 2011 at 5:19 a.m.

The following questions released from the Texas Education Agency were adapted from a fifth-grade STAAR math test.


1. Adam is 4.5 feet tall. He is 0.75 foot taller than his brother Mark. How tall is Mark?

2. Mr. Cantu will put 1 flag on each table in the cafeteria for a school event. The cafeteria has 15 rows with 5 tables in each row and 12 rows with 4 tables in each row. Mr. Cantu already has 94 flags. How many more flags does he need to buy?

3. Mrs. Evans wants to buy enough dog food to feed her dog for 90 days. Her dog eats four ounces of dog food twice a day. How many pounds of dog food should she buy?


1. 3.75 feet

2. 29

3. 45 pounds



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