Dietitians Dish: Giving to health

Nov. 22, 2011 at 5:22 a.m.

Jami Martin

Jami Martin

By Jami Martin

'Tis the season of giving, why not give the gift of function and health to you and your loved ones this year with a few healthful gadgets for the kitchen. Here are a few you may consider:

Stainless or silicone collapsible steamer is used in your favorite pot to enhance the flavor and preserve nutrients of fresh or frozen vegetables.

Fat separator removes fat from dripping meat and juices for making gravies, sauces and soups without sacrificing flavor of the end product.

Oil mister reduces the amount of oil used when cooking, i.e. coating a baking pan, spraying a skillet to saute or roasting vegetables in the oven. It will allow you to use a cooking oil of your choice including infused oils.

Scales assist with portion control of meat, in particular, but it can be great for getting a consistent baked product.

Cutting boards designated for food groups decreases cross contamination of bacteria from meats, poultry and fish, to fruits and vegetables.

Slow cooker assists with having a hot, healthy meal available following a long day at work.

Pressure cooker decreases cooking time to get that last-minute meal idea on the table sooner.

Measuring cups and spoons improve quantity control of ingredients used in a recipe and assists with portion control at serving time.

Spray bottle for sanitizing solution sanitizes surfaces while preparing food, and thereafter, to minimize the spread of bacteria to prevent food borne illness.

Thermometers (oven, fridge, freezer, food) reduce the risk of food borne illness by ensuring appropriate storage, cooking and food temperatures. Remember time is equally important.

Timers are helpful in keeping tasks organized in the kitchen from the length of mixing or beating to the length of cooking time for quality of your food. They also ensure foods are cooked for adequate time to reduce the risk of food borne illness.

Time and temperature at-a-glance charts for storage and cooking at

Stainless steel "soap" bar to neutralize odors - removes unwanted food odors from your hands. It is not really soap so washing your hands is still important.

Happy holidays.

Jami Martin is a registered and licensed dietitian. Send questions or comments to



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