Advocate editorial board opinion: At very least, be a good sport on shopping day

By the Advocate Editorial Board
Nov. 22, 2011 at 5:22 a.m.

Once again, Black Friday is upon us. And while many are planning out their strategy and prepping their tents so they can be the first to catch the best deals, we would like to remind everyone that, as nice as low prices are, not being run over by a shopping cart is even nicer.

Black Friday got its name from the fact that many times, this is the first day of the year when retailers turn a profit and get back into the black instead of living in the red. Because of this, many retailers push advertisements telling the world about the incredible deals waiting behind their doors on this one specific day. If you don't make it, you miss it. This year we've seen competitive women in Walmart ads, the Target groupie in training and countless other marketing characters all gearing up for the best deals.

But while these ads inspire a spirit of competition, we would remind our readers that all this hype may not lead to the real deals of the season. An article in USA Today shows that better deals are found after Christmas. And, yes, Black Friday is a good time to get some Christmas shopping started, but claims that many of the best deals of the season can be found the last Saturday before Christmas.

We would recommend that while people look for deals this year, they keep in mind the true reason they are out shopping. For many of us, it is to prepare for the Christmas season, and that means showing love to those we know and cherish. So share some of that love while you shop.

And if it's more of a competition to find the best deal, show some sportsmanship about it. There's no need to stampede the store, possibly ending in a tragic death, such as what happened in a New York Walmart in 2008. You don't need to take things from other people's baskets or knock over an old lady in the clothing section. We ask that our readers be considerate of others. There are many ways to plan ahead for Black Friday. Please include some courtesy in your planning.

This editorial reflects the views of the Victoria Advocate's editorial board.



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