Oceans for Emotions: Just say 'Thank you, Lord'

Nov. 25, 2011 at 5:25 a.m.

Elaine Wheat

Elaine Wheat

By Elaine Wheat

"... in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be known unto God."

- Philippians 4:6

The only thing we have to say when we pray is "Thank you, Lord." During Thanksgiving break time, I like to celebrate the season by giving myself time to focus on godly things, while I fish. I had just read that statement and was arguing that surely prayer was not just saying, "Thank you, Lord." I decided that right there on my sea side, I would run that hypothesis in an experiment and record the results and then form the conclusion ... then, I would be famous like Aristotle or Thomas Edison or a religious great like Peter or Paul or Mary.

I would name the experiment either "Thank You, Lord" or "Prayer Lite," depending upon the results. I would perform the experiment while fishing, so I would have something to show for it if I didn't get famous.

I would pray for fishing equipment. I opened the trunk of my SUV and started to pray for fishing equipment; instead, I prayed, "Thank you, Lord for fishing equipment." Of course, I kind of knew I had fishing tackle there because I had put it there this morning.

But the "Thank you, Lord" was kind of fun. I kind of giggled and thought I heard God laugh, or he was predicting a thunderstorm. I rigged up the tackle that I had thanked the Lord for and said, "Thank you, Lord, for the whole oceans you had put before me." I felt a whole new spirit of belonging. My ocean depended on me to care for it as much as it cared for me.

After thanking God for my bait, I cast out and said, "Thank you, Lord, for the fish I am going to catch." God had not mentioned when I was going to do this, but that is what keeps me coming back for the fish I had already thanked him for.

Dear Lord, In Colossians 4:19, you confirmed my "Thank you, Lord" theory when it was written in your scripture, "My God shall supply all of your needs according to his riches in glory." "Thank you, Lord!"



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