Callers talk about Uganda, other topics

Nov. 25, 2011 at 5:25 a.m.

President Obama has sent 200 military advisors in to Uganda, Africa, according to a hearing on CSPAN. Isn't this how we became involved in Vietnam? Except for a small paragraph in the Advocate the other day, there was hardly any mention of this on the news. Why not?

Doris, Victoria

I want to thank the Advocate for running Jim Bishop's column in Thursday's paper. I've missed his items! He is a great writer. Thank you.

Mary, Cuero

(From) what I have just read in the newspaper today, I pray that America will wake up and understand and stop being so easily deceived by watching Fox News because if President Obama doesn't win, what America thinks it is going through now is going to be a lot worse. God bless you.

Cedric, Victoria

I have trouble understanding why, with the abundance of natural gas we have in South Texas, that we are bringing dirty burning coal in from Wyoming to make our electric power. Why not convert the plant to natural gas? Thank you.

Howard, Yorktown



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