Con: Facebook law unenforceable, parents should monitor pages

Camille Doty

Oct. 2, 2011 at 5:02 a.m.

A Facebook law is nice in theory, but it would be difficult to enforce, a parent says.

"I don't think an added law would protect anyone," said Alan Ricks, of Victoria. "Pedophiles are pedophiles."

Ricks said parents should focus more on personal responsibility and less on government regulations.

Ricks has spent most of his life in the Crossroads, knows his sons' teachers, and grew up with most of them. The father of three has two teenage sons and one adult daughter.

He said parents should get to know who their children associate with and monitor the attention they receive.

Teachers are professionals and should act accordingly, he added.

"As an employee, I will have to be accountable for my actions. They are no exceptions," he said of teachers.

Recent high school graduate BriAnn Hauboldt also said parents should check their children's Facebook page. She said she doesn't see how Facebook laws would be enforceable.

Hauboldt said she communicated with her basketball team and coaches as a Victoria West High School student on the organization's group page. She graduated in May.

"It's basically the same thing as a text message," she said.

Shelly Tharp, of Victoria, is both a parent and a educator. She said a Facebook law would have too many gray areas.

"As a parent, I'd like to be able to see who my children's friends are," she said. "But as a teacher, I don't feel comfortable."

She said she's selective about what she posts and her high-school aged children keep the lines clear.

Tharp also said she doesn't know how the law would be policed and is a little extreme.

"Once something is abused, it is ruined for everyone else," she said.



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