Victoria police chief's son shaken by California shootings

Oct. 13, 2011 at 5:13 a.m.

Victoria Police Chief Jeff Craig

Victoria Police Chief Jeff Craig

When Victoria Police Chief Jeff Craig received a text from a friend telling him of the shootings at Meritage Salon in Seal Beach, Calif., on Wednesday, he immediately recognized the address.

"I knew it was very close to where my son worked," Craig said. "At the time, I didn't know how close it was, but it turns out it was right across the street."

Craig looked up the shooting on the local newspaper's website and saw a map, which confirmed the location - across from the bank where his son, Jason Craig, 25, worked.

Seal Beach borders Long Beach, where the elder Craig was born, and Los Alamitos, where he relocated 15 years ago.

Craig served as deputy police chief in Long Beach until he moved to Victoria in August, but his son still lives in Long Beach.

"I was able to get a hold of my son and figure out that he was OK," Craig said. Craig said he was alarmed that the shootings were so close to his son's workplace.

There were a couple of very frantic hours, trying to get a handle on who was in the building, Craig said.

Craig, who grew up in the Seal Beach area, said the salon was very popular.

"I used to live in a bordering city," Craig said. "Immediately I was concerned that I might have known some people who where there."

Craig said he was grateful none of his friends or family were directly impacted by the event.

Although Jason Craig was safe, his girlfriend is a hairdresser at a different location in the same vicinity and may know some of the people who were in the salon.

"My son is really shaken up from the whole thing," Craig said. "It was pretty close to home."

Craig described Seal Beach as a nice coastal community, but now, it will take a long time for residents there to get back to normal.

"They have never had any type of violence that I can recall in the 29 years I lived in that area," Craig said.



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