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Chomp! Huvar's Artisan Market & Catering

By by jessica rodrigo/
Oct. 19, 2011 at 5:19 a.m.

Robert's Turkey Burger, foreground, and the Juicy Lucy were a great for a lunch date, but our eyes may have been hungrier than our stomachs. Each came with a pile of Rosemary Parmesean french fries.

Since I work downtown, I eat downtown. And when I go out of town, I eat out of town. And when I saw the special written in yellow chalk on the specials board standing outside the door of Huvar's, I had to order it, but first, I had to find out what it was.

Huvar's has a great variety of daily specials, or Blue Plate Specials as they call them, and on this particular day, they had a Turkey BLT and a Juicy Lucy. As my date and I walked up the brick-laden ramp, he speculated about what it would be, thinking an au jus of some sort. I can't come close to recalling what I thought it would be, but I do remember thinking that it would be good.

The first time I heard about Huvar's, a friend kept ranting about the pork chops served with a mango jalapneo chutney. My thoughts were, "If there is a restaurant in the area daring enough to combine the savory with the sweet and serve it to the public, it must be worthwhile."

So, in we went and grabbed a table for two under the stairs and inquired about the Juicy Lucy. It was a burger with two Angus beef patties with cheddar cheese melted between them. Since we were both hungry, we also ordered Robert's Turkey Burger. It had a pesto mayo, and I was sold on that alone.

The burgers arrived with veggies stacked on the side and a pile Rosemary Parmesan french fries. We sawed them in half and swapped halves before jumping in.

The turkey burger was cooked to the perfect degree of doneness (ground poultry can be hard to cook without drying it out), and it was seasoned just as well. The pesto mayo had melted away under the patty, but a hint of it was left. I like mayo, so next time I'll ask for extra on the side.

And Ms. Lucy sure was juicy. When we cut the double burger in half, the cheese and the juices from the two Angus beef patties were flowing, and my mouth was, too. I was drooling like Pavlov's dog hearing 15 ringing bells. I didn't bother putting any veggies on Lucy, as I was worried she would lose all her juices, and she did not need them. The one half was good for both of us, and we had a few bites of the turkey burger to save for a midnight snack.



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