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Calhoun kids rake in the dough at this year's record-breaking auction

By by Dianna Wray - DWRAY@VICAD.COM
Oct. 21, 2011 at 5:21 a.m.
Updated Oct. 22, 2011 at 5:22 a.m.

Grand Champion Steer

Grand Champion Steer

The Calhoun County Fair Junior Livestock Show Auction went off without a hitch this year.

"We're pretty pleased because I believe this auction set the record for us," Charles Seely, the Calhoun County extension agent in charge of the 4-H youth program, said.

The auction brought in more than $300,000 with add-ons this year, an increase from last year. The initial auction brought in a total of $241,550, for a total of $305,273.02 with add-ons.

There were also more students competing this year. Seely said the increased number of competitors is an indication of the success of the program.

"There are a lot of life lessons to be gained out of growing up in a junior livestock program, and I think people recognize it," Seely said.

There were 126 entries this year, including 12 steers, 12 lambs, 20 goats, 35 swine, six turkeys, six broiler pens, 13 roaster pens and 22 rabbit pens.

TW LaQuay Marine bought Kyle Malaer's grand champion steer for $10,000. The reserve champion steer, shown by John Dufner, was sold to RLB Contracting for $7,500.

Ethan Woolridge's grand champion lamb was bought by Alamo Beach LTD for $4,000. Klean Corp International bought Brooke Downs' reserve champion lamb for $3,700.

Pojo's Liquor bought Casey Woolridge's grand champion goat for $3,000. The reserve champion goat, shown by Kristi Rothmann, was sold to Klean Corp International for $3,500.

Aubrey Housworth's grand champion swine was bought by Alamo Beach LTD for $6,500. The reserve champion swine was sold to Klean Corp International for $3,000.

Dalton Alford's grand champion turkey was sold to ALCOA and Quality Control Testing for $3,300. The Matagorda Bay Pilots bought Robyn Stringo's reserve champion turkey for $4,200.

The grand champion broiler, shown by Bryce O'Donnell, was sold to RLB Contracting for $5,100.

The reserve champion broiler, shown by August Motl, was bought by Klean Corp International for $3,000.

Hunter Crober's grand champion roaster was sold to Lester Contracting for $3,500. The reserve champion roaster was bought by the First National Bank of Port Lavaca for $3,000.

The grand champion rabbit, shown by Saydi St. Clair, was sold to Rexco for $2,500. Tyler Schultz's reserve champion rabbit was bought by Klean Corp International for $2,500.



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