Oceans for emotions: Close to God

Oct. 21, 2011 at 5:21 a.m.

By Elaine Wheat

"He changes the times and the seasons."

- Daniel 2:21

This autumn day, I fished from "warm woolies with hoodies" until sun screen and shorts. I love Texas' seasons because they lack the "sameness" of some places.

Even the fish recognized our silly season called fall, and all kinds of seasonal fish bit on this one day: Winter flounder got up early when it was cold, the "specks" showed up for their morning snack, the reds ran at lunch, which I missed because I had to use two hands to get them in, and the golden croakers came for early tea time.

It was a busy day, and this old lady got tired of changing the rigs and set-ups that each variety called for, so I rested.

I decided to fish only for "Body Snatchers." I have perfected this fishing technique to a true art form, but I will share it with you if you are a true autumn Texas fisher.

First, you find a place on the beach where yesterday's high tide left a little ledge, which will be your pillow, and the noonday's sun had left a smooth warm stretch of sand stretching out toward the bay you have been fishing in. You lie down on it, and put the rod and reel across your body after baiting up and casting out. Than you just lie there and let yourself become part of the environment until sand and sky, and sea becomes "Me." If a little fish just nibbles, you let it have a "free and reduced lunch" (whoops, teach speak), but if a fish comes along and drags rod, line and sinker so hard that you have to catch it with your feet, you stop becoming part of the sea and revert quickly back to being "Me."

Now, Body Snatching fishing can be done by any true Texan.

Dear Lord, while lying on my back on your earth and looking heavenward into your sky AND just stopping for a while, I got very close to you. When it is my time to cross over, I am sure that you will catch me, even if you have to use your feet.



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