Could you pass the eigth-grade science STAAR exam?

Oct. 22, 2011 at 5:22 a.m.

The following questions were adapted from State Assessment of Academic Readiness questions released by the Texas Education Agency. The questions are from an eighth grade science exam.


1. A student observes some sugar as it is heated and burns. The student concludes that a chemical reaction has occurred. What about the burning sugar provides evidence of a chemical reaction?

2. Earth's land areas, oceans, and atmosphere maintain fairly constant average temperatures. What is the best explanation for these constant average temperatures?

3. Mangrove trees have special roots that let them live in the somewhat salty water where rivers meet the ocean. These roots collect sediments, debris, and mud. This gradually helps coastlines stretch farther into the sea. Forests of mangrove trees also provide shelter for wildlife. The high winds of hurricanes and typhoons often destroy mangrove forests. How does the destruction of these forests most likely affects ecosystems?


1. Gas is produced as the sugar turns black.

2. The continuous motion of air and water distributes the sun's energy.

3. By forcing migratory birds to find other places to rest.



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