Callers talk about United Way, other topics

Sept. 4, 2011 at 4:04 a.m.

Yes, I do plan to give to the United Way. I think that they do a lot of good helping those who need it here in the area.

Yvonne, Victoria

It is funny that you never heard so much about prayer from Rick Perry until he decided to run for president. You did hear how he cut money for the elderly which also affected some retirement homes, and education, which affected teachers. My God did not tell him to run for president. Maybe he needs to clean his arrogant ears out.

Barbara, Victoria

I have seen it all now. Lotto tickets in Spanish!?

Willie, Wimberly

Calling regarding the article about the 52 killed in the casino in Mexico and how the president there blamed the United States partially for what happened: I just wanted to correct him and let him know that this is why prohibition doesn't work. It gives power to the cartels and makes criminal activity increase.

Tyler, Victoria

I am calling about the school dress code. Our children have to be in full dress code when they get to school.

Why don't the teachers and administrators and any other personal that work there?

I have seen them walking in the school with shirts not tucked in, not wearing a belt. It is really do as I say, not as I do? It seems unfair for our children.

Marissa, Victoria

I cannot believe Chaz Bono was picked for Dancing With the Stars on season 13. I will probably not watch it. It is not Christian.

Beth, Victoria



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