Callers talk about classrooms, other topics

Sept. 18, 2011 at 4:18 a.m.

Talking about overcrowding in the classrooms, I am a baby-boomer. When I was in grade school there were 40 and 45 kids in the class, and there was no teacher's aide. But the big difference then from now is that when the teacher told us something, we said yes ma'am and we were quiet. Kids today do not respect their teachers, and that is the problem with the classroom.

Dianna, Victoria

OK, Mark, your governor is a crooked career politician on whose watch we have one of the worst high school dropout rates, worst poverty rates and worst pollution just to name a few. Also, the jobs that he brags about adding are low-paying, probably going to the illegal aliens that he lets cross our borders if they are not looking for a free college education, courtesy of Mr. Blowhard.

Jefro, Cuero

The Golden Sabres at East High School should be highlighted. They are very devoted to their school and to their community. They do an awesome job at the football games rain or shine. They always give it their all and are very happy doing it.

Veronica, Victoria

Calling about David in Cuero: I have been paying into Social Security for 45 years. In six months, I will start collecting it. If you know the definition of a Ponzi scheme, Social Security is it.

Mike, Victoria



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