Callers talk about convicted rapist, other topics

Sept. 23, 2011 at 4:23 a.m.

I am so upset. This idiot Twilight Rapist is really pulling a fast one. My little cousin lost every penny that she had saved, and he got to her twice, even after the law moved her. If he is a dog, send him to the pound and euthanize him. There are no little ladies who will ever be safe as long as he is free. How did the state of Texas have him working?

Betty, Victoria

I just wanted to voice my concern on the Sunday paper glorifying a convicted murderer by the name of Yancey. The guy was a menace to society and deserves no credit to be published on the front page glorifying his past and his gang membership as a favorite celebrity. I thought it was very appalling and disrespectful and it sends a wrong message.

Thomas, Inez

I find it disturbing that a jury can find someone guilty of murder, sentence them to death, wait all these years for the sentence to be carried out and then have all of these activists come out with mob mentality to stop the death penalty because it's not fair.

Mark, Port Lavaca

I understand that the trains running along the Port Lavaca Highway are a relatively new assault to our ears, but they are here to stay. The blaring horns alert hapless drivers. Maybe we should buy some earplugs and sleep soundly through the night knowing that sometime, somewhere those excessively loud horns may save a life.

Messy, Victoria

I wish the media would quit calling Rick Perry a cowboy. If Rick Perry is a cowboy, then I must be an astronaut. And it is an insult to honest cowboys.

John, Sweet Home

Several months ago, Casey Anthony was found not guilty for murdering her child. Everyone said hey, the justice system has run its course. So what is all of the outcry about this now? The justice system decided.

Mark, Port Lavaca



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