Traffic Tip: Problems at Mockingbird Lane and John Stockbauer Drive intersection

Sept. 24, 2011 at 4:24 a.m.

By Julian Huerta

This week's traffic tip is in regards to problems observed at Mockingbird Lane and John Stockbauer Drive.

What is the problem at this intersection?

The problem, as called in by several concerned citizens, is drivers getting impatient with the drivers who are lined up along John Stockbauer Drive waiting to turn onto Mockingbird Lane by the Wienerschnitzel restaurant. According to the citizens, this happens every morning during the daily commute of parents dropping their children off at East High School.

The citizens say that drivers, in their impatience, are turning right from the inside traffic lane in front of vehicles that are stopped waiting to complete their right turn onto Mockingbird Lane.

This is both illegal and dangerous to all concerned. Where it is understandable that people want to get where they are going in a timely manner, this driving error is unacceptable. The proper thing to do, to avoid this traffic congestion issue (which is only for the period leading up to the start of the school day), is to find another route. Save yourself the aggravation, stress and possible monetary cost of a citation. Traffic law on this violation is very clear: You cannot turn in front of the other drivers in this specific example - it's the wrong lane.

Victoria is going to continue to grow a little more each year, and with that growth will come more traffic issues. Do your part to make our streets safe and be aware of the traffic congestion areas in town and avoid them.

The Victoria Police Department invites its citizens to inform the Police Department of any traffic issues you may observe. We will try and adjust our enforcement and education to bring attention to and correct the traffic issues at hand, for everyone's benefit.

If you have a traffic law question, contact Sgt. Julian Huerta, Victoria Police Department Traffic Safety Unit, 361-485-3700.



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