GC Top Mover-and Shaker: Sara Meyer

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April 3, 2012 at 4 p.m.
Updated April 2, 2012 at 11:03 p.m.

Cuero Mayor Sara Meyer was nominated as a mover and shaker for her work with the Cuero Chamber of Commerce and the surrounding community.

Cuero Mayor Sara Meyer was nominated as a mover and shaker for her work with the Cuero Chamber of Commerce and the surrounding community.

Sara Meyer

When Dallas native Sara Meyer moved to Cuero, her husband at the time was a lawyer and opened his own law firm. While he worked, Meyer found her way to the Cuero Independent School District and began a teaching career that would span 27 years.

It was part of her work with the school that started some of her volunteer work. Meyer said her mother always encouraged her to get involved in city activities, starting with church. She was also a Girl Scout in elementary school and that helped to start paving the road to where she is now. However, Meyer admitted she never imagined she would take an elected position in office - as Cuero's first woman mayor.

"I was happy doing my volunteer work," she said. "But in my volunteer work, I always felt like we weren't getting far enough, fast enough, and decided that being in city government would give me the opportunity to do more work."

Linda Henderson, who worked with Meyer in the school system for a number of years and nominated her as one of the Top 5, said she saw Meyer go from the educational platform to politics.

"She doesn't tell anybody no," Henderson said. "You'll never see her talk out of both sides of her mouth."

Since taking office in 2009, Meyer has had the opportunity to work with several of the organizations in Cuero and said she has to do some juggling with her schedule to make it to all the different meetings. One day she may have meetings for Keep Cuero Beautiful, another day might be for Victoria County Master Gardeners Association, another might be a meeting for the Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum, and yet another day it might be the Victoria Symphony Board.

A system of dividing her days and devoting them to different groups and meetings has helped her to keep things straight and in order.

"I took it upon myself to make it to all the meetings to make sure that I know what is happening," the 65-year-old said.

Living in such a small town, she explained that it is easy to see friends and colleagues in town running errands, so keeping track of the entire goings-on in Cuero and the surrounding areas is important to her.

"She is just a quality person, and you can't top her," Henderson added.

In January, Meyer was named Citizen of the Year in Cuero and was awarded a plaque by the Chamber of Commerce.

"I wanted to give back," Meyer said. "This community has always given so much to me, and another concern that I have always had is that if you don't do something for your surroundings, the people that you love and the community you love may not have those surroundings in the future."

Family: First, husband, Robert Post (deceased) married 27 years. Children, daughter, Kelly, 41, and husband Ryan with daughters, Rylie and Remy; son, Nathan, 36, and wife Jennifer with sons, Robert, Jacob and Greyson.

Present husband, Alton Meyer, married eight years. He has one son, Mitch and wife Hilary with children, Mason, Abby and Audrey; stepson Bryant and wife Gina with children, Josh, Jana and Courtney; stepdaughter Alexa and husband Bob.

What are some of the specific interests/areas that you strive to promote with your work?

Conservation of natural resources, beautification of the environment, improvement of the quality of life, preservation of our history and heritage, as well as important structures in the community, and respect for each individual's opinion. One of my concerns is that if we, as a community/people, do not take care of what we have and who we love, we will lose them because we did nothing to save them.

Who has been essential to your success?

There's not one person who has been essential to my success, but I must say that I wouldn't be in Cuero, if I hadn't fallen in love with Robert. My faith, my family, my friends have been strong supporters throughout my life. My mother and my aunt encouraged me to enter the teaching field and my students encouraged me to stay. My children and my grandchildren supported me when I decided to run for mayor of Cuero and were so excited when I won so that they could ride in the Turkeyfest parade! "We CAN do that!" from my friends when beginning new ventures. And my present husband, Alton, who has been patient through all the meetings, meetings, meetings in the last two years.

What do you say to someone who says they have no time to commit to volunteering or helping with charity organizations?

You lose!

What are your biggest successes with the organizations you're involved in? What one goal do you still want to complete?

Several programs over the years have been important - helping to organize the Cuero Community Hospital Auxiliary, helping the Pilot Club of Cuero construct the playscape at the City Park, working with my own children in their school and extracurricular activities, helping the ISD establish an Education Foundation to provide funds for exciting programs for students, helping Keep Cuero Beautiful educate students about the importance of conservation and beautification of our community, helping KCB win the $130,000 Governor's Achievement Award for landscaping projects in Cuero, helping educate the public about good horticulture habits, as a 'picker and plucker' for the Wildflower Association enjoying the natural beauty of the county when on wildflower hunts, helping the business community of Cuero promote their businesses and "life the way it ought to be" when I served as executive director of Cuero Chamber of Commerce, as Mayor helping the citizens of Cuero enhance their quality of life and economic growth.

One goal still needing work is to continue to enhance the quality of life in Cuero by removing substandard buildings and overgrown properties and by improving the City's services to its customers while in this 'boom town' during the oil/gas exploration.



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