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April 3, 2012 at 4:02 p.m.
Updated April 2, 2012 at 11:03 p.m.

Sharon and Rick Rose were nominated as a pair for the hard work they put into the Hallettsville events including the Junior Livestock Show, Relay For Life and truck pull.

Sharon and Rick Rose were nominated as a pair for the hard work they put into the Hallettsville events including the Junior Livestock Show, Relay For Life and truck pull.   Jonathan Hinderliter for The Victoria Advocate

By Jessica Rodrigo

The husband-and-wife duo, known to Hallettsville as Rick and Sharon Rose, moved there for work in 1976 after Rick Rose graduated. With an education in agriculture education from Texas A&M University, he was bound to get involved in the Hallettsville Junior Livestock show, and that they both did.

"If you live in this size town and you want your kids involved, you need to get involved," said Sharon Rose.

Rick Rose added that he is still involved at one level or another. He plays a major role with the Lavaca Expo Center, where many of Hallettsville's events are held, and helps with many different events in the area.

"They always seem to put the community first, and it never seems to slow them down," said Lori Popp, the executive director of the Hallettsville Chamber of Commerce, who nominated the couple for their community work. "The two of them are go-getters, and they always give 100 percent."

In January, the couple was awarded the Hallettsville Citizen of the Year for their involvement in the community, which the couple called a "nice surprise."

"The whole town knew who was nominated and being nominated alone felt really good," Rick Rose said.

The two, a very humble pair, are involved in multiple organizations in Hallettsville, including the Hallettsville Jr. Livestock Show, the Lavaca Expo Association and Relay for Life. The two are responsible for putting together the Hallettsville truck pull event. On top of that, they have individual groups that each is in charge of overseeing.

Jerry Lackey, a retired county agent, described the duo as being unselfish.

"They moved here 35 years ago, but became members of the community in a big way," he said. "They are loved by all the people in the community."

Lackey said the two are always helping each other out.

"They are a true team in everything they do," he said. "Whatever one spouse is involved in, the other is always there."

The Roses agreed.

"(Rick) got me involved in some things and I got him involved on some of my things. It's just evolved that way," Sharon Rose said.

Eventually, the Roses said they hope to spend more time with their six grandchildren.

"We're proud of our kids, and they've benefited from all the things we've been involved in," Sharon Rose said. "I'm glad to see other kids benefit from it, too."

Family: Rick and Sharon married 38 years. Children: daughter, Julie, married with five children; and son, Ryan, married with one daughter.

Who has been essential to your successes?

Rick: I have many friends who help me with all of the organizations I am involved in. Some are directors of each group, some are former directors, and a large group are like-minded individuals who want to see these projects succeed. The one person I couldn't do without is my wife, Sharon. She is by my side whether with sound advice, whether at home, running the concession stand, stock show or truck pull.

She is very good at the things I am weak in.

Sharon: I have an excellent committee behind the organizations I work with that make it easy when you know they will do their part and you do not have to check up on them. I have always found to never assume you cannot work with someone, because I have formed great friendships through the different volunteer groups. The bonds with these friends would never have been had it not been for working side-by-side.

What do you say to someone who says they have no time to commit to volunteering or helping with charity organizations?

Rick: I really don't have much to say to those who feel they can't find time to help. There have been times in my life when I did not have the time. We still find some time to stay involved. There are many types of volunteers some with money (donations), use of equipment, technical support and free labor - an hour helps more than you can believe. Come when you can, for as long as you can. It's what you do for others or the "whole" that counts.

Sharon: I feel those who do not have time to volunteer are probably giving up a chance of their life to make a difference in their own lives more than in the life of others. You only get out of something what you put into it.

What are your biggest successes with the organizations you're involved in? What one goal do you still want to complete?

Rick: the organizations currently involved with are all very successful and beneficial to the youth of our community. We are striving to bring more young adults to be leaders in these organizations to insure the future of them.

Sharon: the organizations we are involved with our children benefited from growing up and helped us to raise two very successful young parents. I would like to see other young parents encourage their children to take leadership responsibility. The Relay For Life Lavaca County-Hallettsville will hit the $1,000,000.00 mark this the 9th year of our Relay. The ultimate goal as many of my committees have heard me say is to find the "Cure". I once saw a young man find an old 78 and 45 rpm record and he said "wow, look at this big cd." I want my young grandchildren to one day say, "what was cancer?"

What are some of the specific interests/areas that you strive to promote with your work?

Rick: Community, family, promotion of responsible youth and young adults.

Sharon: Beating cancer.



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