Victoria Art League hosts Spring Art Show

April 10, 2012 at midnight
Updated April 15, 2012 at 11:16 p.m.

Marilyn Key won best of show in the Victoria Art League's Spring Art Show with her pastel drawing, "RopeTricks."

Marilyn Key won best of show in the Victoria Art League's Spring Art Show with her pastel drawing, "RopeTricks."

Victoria Art League held its Spring Art Show recently. There were 65 adult entries and 52 youth entries.

The judges of the show were: Adults - Angalee De Forest; Youth - Charlotte Wyatt.

Winner of the Best of Show: Marilyn Key with her pastel drawing, "RopeTricks"• People's Choice: Adult show, Roxana Blanton with her painting "Macaw:" Children's show, Calvert Green, a sixth grader, with his artwork, "Nana's Gift."

The best of classes in the youth division were:

Elementary classes: Alexis Copeland

Middle school classes: Javier Soliz

High school classes: Ryan Perez

Best of classes in the adult categories were:

Drawing: Marilyn Key

Painting: Paula Kainer

Photography: Jim Feig

Sculpture/Pottery: Paul Padilla

Winners in the youth division:

Kindergarten awards: first, "Happy Sunshine," Rebecca Brown; second, "Dinoland," Connor Yur; third, "Beach," Laya Karl; and honorable mention "Flower," Inara Ballard.

First- and second-grade awards: first, "Coyote/Wolf Box," Emma Seiler; second, "Cactus in the Mist," Paula Swanson; third "Deset Day," Benjie Corpus; honorable mention, "Friday Night Fish," Andrew Hicks.

Third-grade awards: first, "Beauty of the Beast," Alexis Copeland, second "The Getaway," Emma Milam; third "Magic Realm," Gram Hartman, and honorable mention, "Vase," Ben Bauer.

Fourth-grade awards: first, "Iguana," Chalee Inman; second, "Grassland," Shelby Austin; third, "Dancing Debbie," Kyleigh Nethery, and honorable mention, "Hungry Squirrel," Bea Eamiguel.

Fifth-grade awards: first, "Breakfast Time," William Seiler; second "Flower Power," Adriana Brown; third, "Mini Me," Vynz Semilla, and honorable mention, "Wild & Proud," Sara Udd.

Sixth-grade awards: first, "Hearttacular," Brooke Reaves; second "K.C.'s Puppy Love," Cheyenne Migl; third, "Lookout!," Anthony Ramirez, and honorable mention: "Cube of Colors," Megan Marek.

Seventh-grade awards: first, "Tuxedo Man," Javier Soliz; second, "The Amazing Spiderman," Jeremiah Mendez; third, "Lacara DeLos Muertos," Carlos Elias Rodriguez, and honorable mention: "He Arose," Johnathan Westphall.

Eighth-grade awards: first, "Down by the Sea Shore," Jaslyn Robards.

Tenth-grade awards: first, "Tropical Paradise," Alexis Wilson; second, "Zen Tangles," Alison Menefee; third tie, "Candy Boguet," Lizette Montez and "On the Docks," Jourdyn Montomery; honorable mention, "Spring Flowers," Tanya Aguilar, "Earth Love," Jenna Tegler, "Poppies in My Eyes," Briana Rangel

Eleventh-grade awards: first, "Tinsley Town," Ryan Perez; second, "You Looking at Me Willis?," Alex Lopez; honorable mention, "Colorful X," James Clements

Twelfth-grade awards: first, "Not Just Another Cinderella," Loretta Faxlanger

Winners in the Adult Division:

Charcoal-Ink-Pastel: first, "Rope Tricks," Marilyn Key; second, "Cypress on the Frio," Peggy Yandell;

third, "Flowers," Linda Swickheimer; honorable mention, "Blue Jay," Claire Santellana.

Sculpture: first, "Rock On," Paul Padilla; second, "Amadillo," Jim Frank; third, "Udderly Painful, " Bill Bauer; honorable mention, "Brahmin," Jim Frank.

Pottery: first, "Big Pot," Eva Cavazos; second, "Arizona Landscape," Bill Bauer.

Photography: first, "Orchid Sprig," Jim Feig; second, "Great Gobbler Gallup 2010," Dianna Bartosh; third, "Supper," Dora Ann Baass.

Enhanced Photography: first, "Angel Feet," Janice Carriger; second, "Sound Check," Janice Carriger; third, "Pond Lily," Jim Feig; honorable mention, "Moon Over Magnolia," Charles Gossett; honorable mention, "Dawn's Early Light," Charles Gossett.

Oil Painting: first, "Rocking Chair," Marie Frankson; second, "San Miguel Market," Marie Frankson; third, "Red Umbrella," Marie Frankson; honorable mention, "Still Life," Patty Lowrie; honorable mention, "Pensive," Bill Bauer.

Acrylic Painting: first, "Notchin," Karen Chrane; second, "The Errosion of Memory," Roddy Wilson; third, "Hot Coffee," Edwin Kuykendall; honorable mention, "What is a Flower Without a Bee," Claire Santellana.

Watercolor Painting: first, "Pelican," Paula Kainer; second, "Macaw," Roxana Blanton; third, "Pitcher, Lemon, Cherries," Ralph Howard; honorable mention, "Old Line Shack," Bill Bauer.

Mixed Media: first, "Comanche Scout," Morris Williams; second, "No Title," Joe Lewis; third, "Beggars," Karen Chance; honorable mention, "Marbles," Roxana Blanton.



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