Matthews outduels Stacy for bowling high series

April 18, 2012 at 11 p.m.
Updated April 17, 2012 at 11:18 p.m.

Dave Matthews set the pace for the weekly high series honors in Sundowner League pin action and withstood a challenge from Mike Stacy on Monday night.

Matthews blasted the pins for games of 233, 244, and 279 to compile an excellent 756 series.

Stacy crushed the pins in Red River League competition but came up short as he posted a 748 total with a 255 game for the second high set. Stacy also rolled a 676 series in another league.

Kevin Stacy is learning from his father and has been scorching the pins lately. He rolled a great 267 high game, contributing toward a very nice 715 total.

Also breaking the 700 mark were T.J. Mooney 279-707/656 and Steve Dickinson 277-707/665.

Other nice scores for the men were Michael Conchola (256-690), Steve Zeplin (680), Richard Brotze (675), Abel Garcia (267-672), Duane Hayward (255-667), Ramsey Martinez (267-663), Garry Hatter Jr. (258-654), Larry Stroud (267), Ben Mooney (257), Terry Wash (254) and David Persilver (254).

Rebekah Martinez paced the women's scoring while also competing in Sundowner action.

She rolled games of 186, 198, and 227 for a 611 set and also posted a 584 in another league.

Carri Lee posted the second high score with a 237-601.

Lori Heil and Denise Gabrysch posted nice scores with 212-585 and 235-575, respectively.

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers for the week are Kevin Stacy (757) and Amanda Kern (735), both in the Sugar & Spice League.

The annual Texas USBC Open Tournament is initiating a handicap tournament this year based on a 245 average. This means scores will be very high compared to scratch scores in the past.

Three local bowlers took advantage of early participation with great scores rolled this past weekend.

Dave Matthews is currently in third place in Division I singles with an 820 series. He is also in 15th place in all events with a nine-game total of 2,253.

Tom Crowe is tied for seventh place with a 799 set in Division II and 20th in all events with a score of 2,246.

Joe Wittenburg is in fifth place in Division III with a singles set of 802.

Congratulations to them and good luck to other local bowlers scheduled to compete.

Upcoming Events

The Victoria USBC Association is holding its annual meeting on May 5 with bylaws changes and election of new directors. The meeting will be held at the Vera Cruz Restaurant at 10 a.m.

A nominating committee composed of David Flores and Trudy Wortham are accepting qualification resumes from individuals who are interested in serving on the board. If you are interested in submitting your name, contact them or leave a resume at the Century Lanes desk by May 4.

A quorum needs to be present for business to be conducted, so if you are a sanctioned member of the Victoria USBC please plan to attend.


WINTER SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST FOUR BALLS/TWO SPLITS Men: L. Hall 555; OVER THE HILL 1ST THE 4'S Women: J. Lambrecht 514; B. Scheffer 510; Men: A. Garcia 226-605; D. Persilver 254-585; A. Shceffer 216-559; J. Figueroa 538; J. Simmons 538; S. Gritta 527; B. Buzzell 525; MONDAY MIXED 1ST HANG THIS Women: R. Martinez 212-584; C. Valenta 549; N. Mergele 542; Men: M. Conchola 256-690; S. Dickinson 226-665; T. Payne 605; C. Flores 594; D. Padgett 589; B. Luerssen 225-585; B. Kitchens 226-584; S. Kocian 575; E. Gonzales 571; M. Redding 566; A. Garcia Jr. 564; M. Lane 564; T. Bassano 563; O. Tabora 562; T. Wash 254; RED RIVER 1ST RANDY'S RAIDERS Men: M. Stacy 255-748; A. Garcia 268-672; R. Martinez 267-663; J. Matson 226-643; M. Wortham 233-641; R. Vivero 236-638; D. Blohm 634; S. Snow 235-618; K. Schupbach 250-617; T. Crowe 226-613; D. Matthews 247-612; L. Caballero 601; B. Marques 598; A. Flores 596; S. Zeplin 594; K. Stacy 594; J. Wittenburg 238-592; M. Osterson 580; J. Tweedle 574; J. Rodriguez 566; W. Parker 556; SPRING GUYS & DOLLS 1st PIT CREW/HONEY BADGERS Women: L. Heil 212-585; C. Danesi 521; Men: R. Kalmus 232-587; C. Martinka 575; J. Smith 567; R. Rendon 558; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST 2+2 Women: C. Lee 237-601; L. Mikulec 223-563; J. Reyna 556; A. Kern 543; T. Wortham 226-542; C. Speer 536; A. Cano 221-512; Men: K. Stacy 267-715; T.J. Mooney 279-707; S. Zeplin 237-680; L. Stroud 267-630; T. Bennett 626; M. Osterson 237-625; L. Mikulec 610; J. Cano 609; K. Schupbach 235-601; M. Rodriguez 600; R. Ellis 599; J. Martinez 225-596; J. Wittenburg 227-595; C. Kurtz 593; F. Suniga 591; C. Aiken 591; M. Wortham 589; G. Pitts 582; M. Svatek 581; D. Richards 233-578; D. Flores 575; J. Gamez 573; J. Parratt 572; J. Tweedle 559; J. Figueroa 557; R. Rodriguez 556; B. Hilbig 234; CAPTAIN'S 1ST PURPLE ACES Women: L. Goryews 216-546; M. curton 509; D. Schmidt 501; DOW LEAGUE 1ST ALLEY CATS Women: D. Marek 527; Men: J. Bryant 239-634; J. Rodriguez 232-631; P. Bowland 225-625; J. Cuellar 568; S. Chavez 558; J. Kupper 550; SUNDOWNERS 1ST HAVE FAITH Women: R. Martinez 227-611; D. Gabrysch 575; J. Thomas 556; J. Sims 530; J. Sandeers 528; N. Mergele 522; Men: D. Matthews 279-756; S. Dickinson 277-707; M. Stacy 227-676; R. Brotze 236-675; G. Hatter Jr. 258-654; R. Gabrysch 639; D. Mergele 630; G. Mason 626; R. Ellis 234-607; T. Bennett 604; G. Hatter Sr. 593; S. Miller 584; R. Polensky 583; M. Michalec 577; A. Flores 226-565; B. Hammack 230-558; M. Unger 557; W. Jackson 553; FRIDAY MIXED 1ST BS NO WHAMMY Women: L. Popp 214-542; N. Schmidt 527; Men: D. Hayward 255-667; T.J. Mooney 656; B. Mooney 257-617; J. Tweedle 593; A. Hall 237-593; B. Breaux 593; B. Kitchens 585; D. Matthews 225-584; D. Loya 583; J. flores 582; E. Gonzales 568; R. Vasquez 567; B. Hilbig 561; K. Blake 560; M. Conchola 555; CENTURY YOUTH 1ST AMY &THE PINHEAD Girls: R. Wortham 198-438; A. Moore 153-397; Boys: M. Soliz 191-530; A. while 177-419; D. Meyer 414.



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