Goliad County Republican Party Sheriff

April 23, 2012 at 5:02 p.m.
Updated July 3, 2012 at 2:03 a.m.

Editor's note: The Advocate is profiling candidates in the May 29 primary election. This profile features candidates for the Republican nomination for sheriff. The winner will face the Democratic Party nominee in the November general election.

Name: Kirby Brumby

Age: 65

City/county of residence : Goliad County

Occupation: Sheriff of Goliad County

Political party: Republican

Office Seeking: Re-election as sheriff

Why do you want to serve in this position?

I was elected three and a half years ago on a campaign to provide sound judgment, ethics, fairness, and financial management to the sheriff's office in Goliad County. I have done that, as well as providing leadership, moving the office toward a more effective, professional law enforcement agency. I want to continue building on the progress made.

What qualifies you to serve in this office?

I have served as sheriff for three and half years; before that, I was constable for four years. I am TCLEOSE licensed with 4,505 total TCLEOSE training/education hours. I have a Bachelor of Science in biology and chemistry and taught at-risk students for 22 years.

I have provided leadership and brought important professional changes to the Goliad County Sheriff's Office: instituting written policies and procedures for all employees, expecting deputies to patrol all parts of the county and answer all calls, working with the school district and city, and reducing costs and returning money to the general fund each budget year.

If elected, how will you go about effectively serving your constituents?

I will continue serving with honesty and ethics as a full-time working sheriff, looking for more ways to reduce drugs in our schools and community, seeking trained, experienced employees through both higher wages and providing required training programs for current employees. I have and will continue to support the community and all the activities in Goliad County. I enforce the law equally and fairly. I make myself available around the city and county, but also have an open door in my office with a policy to return all phone calls.

For more information: 361-645-3451, 701 E. End St., Goliad, TX 77963, kbrumby@goliadcountytx.gov

Name: Jeffrey D. Oliver

Age: 36

City/county of residence: Goliad

Occupation: Did not answer

Political party: Republican

Office Seeking: Sheriff

Why do you want to serve in this position?

I believe the citizens of Goliad County deserve to live in a community where it is safe, where you see deputies patrolling the neighborhoods and schools. I want to re-instill accountability in the sheriff's office. I want the citizens to be reassured that when they make a call to the sheriff's office, that call will be answered and they will be treated with respect and they should not be afraid to call. When there is a community function like Texas Night Out or Little League there should be deputies making frequent patrols along with stopping by to just say a friendly hello.

What qualifies you to serve in this office?

I have been in law enforcement for almost 10 years. I currently hold a intermediate peace officer license. I have work for a police department and for the Goliad County Sheriff's Office under the current and past sheriff. During my career at the Goliad County Sheriff's Office, I served as a patrol corporal, TCLEOSE training coordinator, basic TCLEOSE instructor, CPR/first aid instructor, firearms proficiency officer, civil officer and jailer. I have a professional demeanor and have built a good repour with the citizens during my years of service with the Goliad County Sheriff's Office.

If elected, how will you go about effectively serving your constituents?

If elected sheriff I pledge that I will be a working sheriff. When there is a major incident that occurs I will be there working the incident right along with my deputies. My deputies will treat the citizens with respect, they will be visible in patrolling throughout the county and at community functions. All calls made to the sheriff's office will be answered and all callers will be treated with respect. Deputies will receive monthly training to ensure that they are qualified to serve the community. My goal as sheriff is to "uphold the law and respect the people."

For more information: 361-645-8690, 563 Oak Forest Road Goliad, Texas 77963, jeffreydoliver@yahoo.com

Name: Bill Schaefer

Age: 51

City/County of residence: Goliad

Occupation: Police officer

Political party: Republican

Office seeking: Goliad County sheriff

Why do you want to serve in this position?

The citizens of Goliad County deserve a sheriff with the highest credentials to fulfill the position of sheriff. I know how to communicate with both the public and my employees. I won't have a mass exodus of employees as this current sheriff has had for the past three years. I will enforce our laws in a fair and just manner. As your next sheriff, I will work with Goliad ISD to have a better presence of officers on campus and to bring back the DARE program to educate our youth about drugs and alcohol.

What qualifies you to serve in this office?

I have more than 30 years of true law enforcement experience as a career peace officer. The current sheriff only has seven years experience. I started out in patrol with the Goliad County Sheriff's Office and was promoted to corporal, captain and ultimately as chief deputy. I hold a master peace officer certification with TCLEOSE, the highest certification awarded by the state of Texas. I am a certified training coordinator, DARE/GREAT instructor, crime prevention officer, K9 handler, field training officer and intoxilyzer operator.

If elected, how will you go about effectively serving your constituents?

If elected, how will you go about effectively serving your constituents?

I will make sure my deputies patrol all areas of Goliad County, not just U.S. Highway 59. I will stay within my budget that is given to me by the commissioners court. I will also hire professional employees who have a high regard for their job and restore morale back in the department, which has been lacking for the past three years. I will also have officers who investigate their cases thoroughly from beginning to end.

For more information: Phone number: 361-648-0208, 1195 Gay Meadow, Goliad, Texas 77963, wjs803@sbcglobal.net



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