Mikulec nips Ellis for bowling high series

April 25, 2012 at 9:04 p.m.
Updated April 24, 2012 at 11:25 p.m.

Larry Mikulec rolled an excellent 723 series during Sugar & Spice League play to capture the high total for the week.

He produced game of 226, 258 and 239 in his three games.

Robert Ellis competed the following night in Sundowner action with games of 265, 203, and 249 to finish with a 717 set and his first 700 series. Ellis did not have an open in the three games.

T.J. Money was consistent with a 239 high game on his way to a 713 series. He also rolled a 679 set in another league.

Brian Hyden also broke the 700 mark with a 269-709.

Other scores of note for the men were Mike Stacy (248-699/248-698), Dandy Richards (693), Mike Osterson (685), Harold Bellanger Jr. (674), Kenny Schupbach (257-672/667), Abel Garcia (669), Randy Vivero (258-662), Justin Tweedle (258-651), Don Padgett (648), Steve Dickinson (266), John Figueroa (257), Ray Polensky (256) and Jamar Bryant (256).

Christine Speer was on target last week with the top two scores posted by the women.

She rolled games of 227, 214, and 185 for a 626 total in Friday Mixed action and produced scores of 196, 206, and 221 in Sugar & Spice competition to total 623.

Lori Heil, with a score of 222-595, had the third high score. Lynda Mikulec, with a 232-584 set, also bowled well.

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers for the week are Robert Ellis (771, Sundowners) and Carol Valenta (717, Monday Mixed).


The Victoria USBC annual meeting will be held at Vera Cruz Restaurant, 3110 N. Navarro, on Saturday, May 5 at 10 a.m.

On the agenda will be proposed by-law changes, election of directors, and committee reports.

A quorum is needed for approving of changes, so please plan to attend if you are a sanctioned bowler.

Trudy Wortham and David S. Flores are members of the VUSBC directors nominating committee, and they are looking for individuals who would like to serve on the VUSBC board.

If you are interested, contact them at the lanes or leave a resume with a list of qualifications at the Century Lanes front desk by May 4.

The Victoria USBC also awards scholarships to deserving students in the amount of $600.00. The application forms and rules can be found on the victoriausbc.com website. The deadline for submitting applications is June 15.

Both bowling houses are starting to form summer leagues. If you are interested in joining a league, contact the Century Lanes at 361-576-1166 or the Woodlawn at 361-582-0921.

In Memoriam

It is with sorrow I note another former Victoria bowler having passed away.

Lou McArthur was a bowler in the DuPont League in the 1970s. He did not have a very high average, but he enjoyed the game and the camaraderie.

I saw him not too long ago at a local restaurant, and he was still his jovial self at the age of 87.

My sympathies and condolences go out to his family.


WINTER SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST FOUR BALLS/TWO SPLITS Women: G. Jones 210-526; Men: E. Smith 568; A. O'Brien 545; OVER THE HILL 1ST THE 4'S Women: C. Sturm 518; Men: A. Garcia 245-605; J. Figueroa 246-593; J. Simmons 555; S. Gritta 233-547; B. Buzzell 526; W. Conaway 214-510; MONDAY MIXED 1ST HANG THIS Women: R. Martinez 554; D. Stroud 532; men: H. Bellanger jr. 235-674; D. Padgett 225-648; R. Martinez 597; T. Payne 225-593; M. Redding 582; E. Gonzales 560; S. Dickinson 560; C. Flores 556; D. Dye 553; RED RIVER 1ST RANDY'S RAIDERS Men: M. Stacy 248-698; M. Osterson 234-685; A. Garcia 229-669; K. Schupbach 237-667; R. Vivero 258-662; J. Tweedle 258-651; S. Zeplin 247-648; D. Flores 231-642; J. Matson 237-633; D. Marques 627; M. wortham 614; D. Ricahrds 237-611; L. Stroud 243-605; T. Crowe 590; T. Pfhul 589; D. Blohm 588; M. Pahmiyer 586; D. Erdelt 234-583; T. Bennett 576; J.P. Reyna 562; SPRING GUYS & DOLLS 1st PIT CREW/HONEY BADGERS Women: L. Heil 222-595; Men: R. Kalmus 226-615; E. Gonzales 235-595; M. Osterson 593; R. Rendon 587; S. Gritta 563; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST 2+2 Women: C. Speer 221-623; L. mikulec 232-584; T. Wortham 547; C. Lee 539; L. King 211-538; P. Jackson 513; Men: L. Mikulec 258-723; T.J. Mooney 239-713; B. Hyden 269-709; D. Richards 242-693; K. Schupbach 257-672; G. Pitts 236-636; S. Dickinson 235-635; S. Zeplin 632; R. Vivero 247-617; J. Figueroa 257-609; M. wortham 606; B. buzzell 234-605; J. Wittenburg 604; J. Tweedle 602; K. Weinheimer 592; L. Stroud 582; K. Stacy 574; M. Svatek 573; T. Bennett 572; B. Hilbig 553; M. Rodriguez 553; F. Suniga 227; CAPTAIN'S PURPLE ACES (no scores met minimum) SUNDOWNERS 1ST HAVE FAITH Women: L. Heil 225-574; S. Guinn 546; T. Mason 217-537; J. Sims 531; M. Rojas 221-530; K. Kuecker 530; S. Wharton 525; K. Unger 522; J. Sanders 520; Men: R. Ellis 265-717; M. Stacy 248-699; S. Dickinson 637; A. Flores 621; M. Osterson 620; T. Pfuhl 233-611; L. Boyd 231-610; J. Blount 237-604; R. Polensky 256-596; R. Brotze 227-594; M. Michalec 226-590; A. Hempel 589; D. Marques 228-588; D. Reissig 584; R. Martinez 580; D. Mergele 580; G. Mason 580; J. Smith 233-576; B. Hammack 574; J. Hernandez Sr. 570; Jordan Glass 572; J. neitch 560; S. Snow 559; Jered Glass 232-559; H. Hernandez Jr. 557; T. Bennett 555; S. Miller 550; DOW LEAGUE 1ST ALLEY CATS Men: P. Verbout 236-636; J. Bryant 256-612; J. Cuellar 235-612; J. Cavazos 595; L. Fuhrman 592; M. Mathieu 582; J. Molina 230-555; T. Garcia 554; FRIDAY MIXED 1st Women: C. Speer 227-626; K. Garcia 560; Men: T.J. Mooney 234-679; S. Dickinson 266-639; J. Smith 229-635; M. Conchola 246-628; D. Matthews 230-581; J. Tweedle 227-572; A. Garcia Jr. 570; C. Bigham 564; J. flores 235-563; J. Hernandez Sr. 557; CENTURY YOUTH 1ST AMY & THE PINHEAD Girls: R. Wortham 206-461; A. Moore 409; Boys: M. Soliz 223-570; T. Bassano 215-529.



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